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Community Health and Wellness

Get healthy, stay healthy.

Our Community Health and Wellness courses are for anyone who wants to be informed on a wide array of health-related topics, including:

  • mental and emotional wellbeing
  • body language
  • cancer and other major health issues
  • diet and digestive issues

Our instructors are health professionals and experts in their fields who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with the community. For information on submitting a course proposal, please contact the program area.

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Courses open for registration

Deans’ Lecture Series

Research is continually reshaping the way we live and think. Meet distinguished members of the faculties at the University of Victoria and learn about their research interests in these FREE online lectures.
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In Pursuit of Knowledge - Fall

This series of daytime lectures will acquaint you with UVic faculty and their many areas of interest. (Sessions staring in September)
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UVic on the Peninsula

Each term we offer a selection of lectures and short courses in Sidney, most of which take place at the Mary Winspear Centre.
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A journey of gratitude

Human behaviour has always fascinated instructor Dr. Jason Cressey. In high school, he would visit the shopping mall food court at lunch just to watch people. It was the perfect arena, he laughs. You can sit at the edge of a food court without buying anything and watch people have conversations.

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Adaptive intelligence: key to a bright future

Our capacity to create a positive future is created through the quality of our inner thoughts. How we see, think and feel about the world around us directly influences the decisions we make on a day to day basis.

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Our musical minds

Few things stimulate the brain as much as music does. Whether playing an instrument or simply listening to a favourite song, music activates many different parts of the brain.

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Coping with stress in unprecedented times

"Change is the one thing we can always count on, right? And I know for myself, the more flexible and adaptable I can be, the easier my life is and the happier I am." That is the inspiration behind popular instructor, Maryse Neilson's newest course offering with Continuing Studies at UVic.

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Healthy lifestyle: What does it really mean?

How can you determine how healthy you really are? One way is to periodically give yourself a health self-assessment, focusing on five areas: physical, social, intellectual, financial and spiritual. For each area, ask yourself what you are doing well and where you can improve.

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Chasing a virus

Never before has this much data been at the fingertips of epidemiology and geography. This article gives a quick survey of three interesting ways COVID-19 is being dealt with in an epidemiological and geographic context.

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The role GIS played in the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

The ability to use GIS and epidemiology to address emerging population health issues in our society are key components of the Population Health Data Analysis (PHDA) program.

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A life lived learning

with student Rena Hayes   By Therese Eley, Marketing Services "A good education is the key that will open many doors to a good career and a bright future.

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The long journey from head to heart

Olav Krigolson is a neuroscientist and UVic professor, and one of our most popular instructors at Continuing Studies. In the four years he's been teaching with us, he's taught 22 courses with over 880 registrations.

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It's time to get serious about leisure

Meet John Meldrum. New to Continuing Studies, John will be teaching his first course with us, More Than Money: Making the Most of Retirement, this fall.

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A dimensional perspective on health and wellness

Community course offerings are a core function of the Division of Continuing Studies. Through creating sessions based on leading research and knowledge, we respond to our students’ enthusiasm for life-long learning. A key topic area of our community offerings is the diverse field of health and wellness.

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Forget the bucket list, discover the extraordinary in the ordinary

Our relationship with nature is complex. We usually think in terms of taking from nature. It provides us with our needs and wants. But to be a part of nature we also need to give back. There needs to be reciprocity.

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Finding space

One of the brightest smiles and bubbliest personalities in our office belongs to Laura Vizina, our Director of Health Sciences and Public Relations Programs.

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Broadening horizons

What is it that prompts someone to take a Continuing Studies course? Well it’s different for everyone of course, but for retired physician Dr. Heidi Martins it was to expand her perspective on the world.

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Remembering Anita Jessop

Anita Lynn Jessop (née Fournier) June 15, 1953 – June 16, 2017 It is with a heavy heart that we mark the passing of one of our own, Anita Jessop.

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At the edge of the comfort zone

with instructor Jason Cressey   Jason Cressey, PhD (psychology), teaches leadership courses at the Justice Institute of BC when he is not teaching courses on topics like Emotional Intelligence for Continuing Studies.

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