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Continuing Studies at UVic offers both credit and non-credit certificate programs that typically consist of taking between seven to ten courses. A certificate is a way for you to specialize in a specific skill set or show you have a certain level of knowledge in a particular area. Certificates give you higher credibility for a job position you’re applying for and keep you updated with the current knowledge in your career field.




Adult and Continuing Education Blended, Online Certificate
American Sign Language Face to face Certificate
Business Administration – Certificate Blended, Face to face, Online Certificate
Business Administration – Fast Track Face to face Certificate
Environmental and Occupational Health Online Certificate
Foundations in Indigenous Fine Arts Face to face, Online Certificate
General Studies Blended, Face to face, Online Certificate
Indigenous Language Revitalization Face to face, Online Certificate
Restoration of Natural Systems – Certificate Blended Certificate

We also offer a number of micro-credential programs.