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    Let curiosity guide your learning
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  • Close-up videocamera, instructor
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  • Landscape drawing, pencils
    Amateur Landscape and Garden Design
    Learn to design ecologically sustainable gardens year round
  • Robot hand, yellow butterfly
    Essential Soft Skills Training
    Gain foundational soft skills to complement your hard skills
  • Homestay family and student, cycling
    We're looking for homestay hosts
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Professional programming

Do you want to advance in your current career or are you looking for something completely fresh? Our programs deepen your perspective on career training and professional development.

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Community Courses

Community programming

Remember the first time you realized learning could be fun? That it wasn’t just about grades or approval, but the sheer joy of new knowledge? Isn’t it time you felt that way again?

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International programming

Continuing Studies at UVic has a long history of offering customized and scheduled programming in a variety of disciplines to individual students and groups from around the world.

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