• Worker with safety gear
    Help people stay safe in the workplace
    Study environmental and occupational health
  • A unique apple in a sea of oranges
    Customize a credential to your unique needs
    With this highly flexible Certificate in General Studies
  • Close-up of boots walking on log
    The bridge to a healthier ecological future
    Restoration of Natural Systems program empowers students
  • Red apple with bite
    Bite-sized professional learning opportunities
    20+ micro-credential programs to choose from
  • Host speaking through videocamera
    Watch free online deans' lectures
    Popular series features distinguished faculty members
Video - Shape your career with a professional education

Shape your career with a professional education

Professional Programming

Gain a fresh perspective on your current career or try something entirely new through our professional programs, designed to give you the credentials you need to succeed.

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Community Courses

Community Programming

Remember the first time you realized learning could be fun? That it wasn’t just about grades or approval, but the sheer joy of new knowledge? Isn’t it time you felt that way again?

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International Programming

Continuing Studies at UVic has a long history of offering customized and scheduled programming in a variety of disciplines to individual students and groups from around the world.

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