• Doctor and patient review chart
    Women’s Health Series: A Naturopathic Perspective
    Learn new approaches to healthy aging | Starts Nov. 15
  • Diamond and chart numbers
    Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
    Data on its own is like "a diamond in the rough"—find its value
  • Illustration: student at desk with icons
    Flip through the interactive calendar
    Nothing to download—just flip pages, click courses and register!
  • Illustration: orange and yellow abstracts
    Online art and design courses for creatives
    Courses span a range of topics and run throughout the fall
  • Indigenous mother and children
    Indigenous Language Revitalization
    Help revitalize languages for future generations
Video - Shape your career with a professional education

Shape your career with a professional education

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Continuing Studies at UVic has a long history of offering customized and scheduled programming in a variety of disciplines to individual students and groups from around the world.

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