History, Political Science and Contemporary Issues

Make sense of the past and the present. 

These days, we have to sift through a lot of information—from news outlets and other media—to separate truth from opinion. As informed citizens, we want to determine what information is relevant and accurate. Our courses will help you look at the big issues of yesterday and today from different perspectives:

  • historical
  • political
  • cultural
  • demographic

Be informed about the big issues of yesterday and today. Our History, Political Science and Contemporary Issues courses will help you seek the knowledge you need to understand the world we live in.

Courses open for registration

Courses open for registration

Canadian Studies

This interdisciplinary program, leading to a Diploma in Canadian Studies, is designed to offer both international and Canadian students a way to explore Canada from a variety of perspectives: artistic, cultural, historical, geographical, political or economic, the choice is up to you.
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Humanities Program

The Humanities Diploma Program is designed to meet the needs of those members of the community who wish to follow an integrated course of full- or part-time study in the humanities, and who may need an introduction to university study. Its flexibility will enable you to choose a particular topic, theme or area of study, and to arrange a selection of day or evening courses directed towards that topic.
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Intercultural Education

The Diploma Program in Intercultural Education prepares students to play a productive and socially responsible role in an increasingly multicultural and diverse world. Students will develop skills to support all aspects of cultural diversity, inclusion and social change in their community, their workplace and around the world.
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Social Justice Studies

The aim of the Social Justice Studies (SJS) diploma program is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the range of ways in which scholars, researchers and students address and engage with issues surrounding social inequities and injustices in the contemporary world.
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Travel the world without leaving home

By Dr. Jo-Anne Clarke, Dean of Continuing Studies When Joanne and Mike Rada retired, they weren't quite ready for a quiet home and settled life.

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In Remembrance: Nan Walmsley

We are sad to announce the passing of one of our most committed students, Nan Walmsley. Nan passed away peacefully at home, Sept. 13, surrounded by her family. She lived 97 fulfilling years.

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The Long Journey from Head to Heart

Olav Krigolson is a neuroscientist and UVic professor, and one of our most popular instructors at Continuing Studies. In the four years he's been teaching with us, he's taught 22 courses with over 880 registrations.

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Why the Early Bird Gets the Worm (and lives past 100!)

After nearly a decade working for Continuing Studies at UVic, it goes without saying that Preston Randall is an integral part of the team. He knows the division’s systems, people and workflows like the back of his hand.

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Broadening Horizons

What is it that prompts someone to take a Continuing Studies course? Well it’s different for everyone of course, but for retired physician Dr. Heidi Martins it was to expand her perspective on the world.

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The Bright Side of the Road

For Elizabeth—or Liz, as she’s known around the office—one of the best parts of her job is meeting those members of the community who consider themselves to be lifelong learners. As a program coordinator within the Division of Continuing Studies’ Arts and Science unit, Liz coordinates the humanities courses, as well as the ever-popular Deans’ Lunchtime Lecture Series.

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Making Sense of the 2016 US Election: There's a course for that!

With Trump’s official announcement of his vice-presidential running mate expected for Friday morning and the Republican National Convention kicking off on Monday, this next week is apt to get people talking, yet again, about the 2016 US electio

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Mount Everest, Monks and Brain Waves

In early May, Dr. Olav Krigolson, Neuroscientist with a PhD from the University of Victoria, journeyed to the Base Camp of Mount Everest as part of a Canadian research team conducting high-altitude research on brain function.

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Joshua Lambert

As I prepare for graduation and think about my next challenge in graduate studies, I must acknowledge that I would most likely never have attended university had it not been for the Humanities Diploma program.

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Ray Illsley

UPDATE This article was originally published in the Spring 2012 Calendar. Below, Ray updates us on what he's been doing since then...

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Renée O'Leary

I had no inkling when I started in the Humanities Diploma Program in January 2004 that I would be a health care researcher.

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Valerie Small

Valerie Small has been a prison guard, briefly considered a career in journalism, and has spent the last 17 years working in radiation therapy. So what is Small doing in the Humanities Diploma Program?

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Nan Walmsley

"Nan"Walmsley celebrates her 90th birthday this year but shows no sign of slowing down in her quest to learn new things. Since fall 1998, she has taken around 165 courses through Continuing Studies.

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