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Business and Career Essentials

No matter what direction you're working towards professionally, learning fundamental business skills can help you accomplish your goals. In these courses, you will create a strong framework for how to grow your career by gaining important business knowledge. You will learn how to critically analyze problems, make strategic decisions, use effective negotiation tactics, manage projects and organize finances. You will also practice your technical skills by using different software applications in MS Office. Hone your skills and gain confidence in business essentials, so you can become more efficient in the workplace and grow your expertise.

Business and Career Essentials programs

The Micro-certificate in Essential Soft Skills Training (ESST) will help you develop valuable soft skills such as problem solving, communication, creativity and self-awareness. You will learn how to combine all these skills together and work more effectively in the face of obstacles.

The Micro-certificate in Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) will help you to build a welcoming work environment by practicing intercultural competencies. 

Business Administration programs

The certificate or diploma in Business Administration (CBA/DBA) will expand your knowledge on business administration, marketing, finances, business writing and computing. You will develop practical skills and knowledge to successfully reach your professional development goals.

PROGRAM Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)
CREDENTIAL Certificate Diploma*
TIME TO COMPLETE 1-3 years 2-4 years
START DATES September, January and May September, January and May
ADMISSION NOTES High school graduation required. Best suited for: 2+ years of work or university/college experience.
Applicants are considered on an individual basis.
High school graduation required. Best suited for: 2+ years of work or university/college experience.
Applicants are considered on an individual basis.
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*The diploma options require the completion of 14 courses, this includes nine courses that are part of the certificate program plus an additional five courses.

For a complete description of the format, program requirements, curriculum and admission requirements for our certificate and diploma programs, please view the individual program pages. For more details about requirements and policies, please visit our policies page.

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Program information session

Join us for a free 30-minute Zoom session where we will introduce you to the Business Administration program as a whole and provide an overview of the differences between the certificate and the diploma.

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Get global ready

International students

Many international students from around the world take part in our business programs. Learn more about studying in Canada, travelling to Canada and living in Canada.

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Individual business courses for professional development

The majority of courses listed below each topic can be taken individually for professional development.


Courses open for registration

Administrative Technology

This micro-credential equips learners with the critical skills sought by employers to succeed in a computerized office—from software and database management to data analytics skills, cloud-based applications, digital communication and more.
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Business Administration – Aviation

This nine-month business diploma program is offered in partnership with the Victoria Flying Club and provides professional business training for those interested in becoming commercial airline pilots or charter flight operators.
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Business Administration – Certificate

The Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) is a flexible 13-week program designed to fit the needs of mid-career professionals, full-time employees and people looking for professional development. Learn about business administration, marketing, technology and more.
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Business Administration – Diploma

The Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) is a comprehensive business administration program designed to give you the practical knowledge and skills required for professional success. You'll learn business administration, business writing, management computing, financial accounting, marketing, small business management, international business and more.
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Business Administration – Fast Track

The CBA – Fast Track program gives you the business skills you need to get out into the field as soon as possible. Earn valuable business knowledge, management skills, real-world practical experience and a Certificate in Business Administration in just 12 weeks.
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Business Communication

Effective communication skills can help you go places. This versatile business program provides practical information and easily applied strategies to help you become a confident communicator in any industry.
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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

This micro-certificate provides you with the tools, plans and methods to help you give value and meaning to data, and guide you and your organization to success.
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Change Resilience in the Workplace

The Change Resilience in the Workplace program prepares learners to plan for and progress through uncertainty and times of change.
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Essential Soft Skills Training

The Essential Soft Skills Training (ESST) micro-credential is a new six-week, part-time, instructor-led online program that will build learners’ competencies in critical soft skills: organizational skills, communication skills, critical thinking and team-building.
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Fundamental Leadership Skills

This program is designed to equip emerging leaders with the essential skills and knowledge to lead effectively in today’s dynamic environments. Explore foundational leadership theories, develop practical skills for leading teams, and learn to navigate organizational challenges with confidence and strategic insight.
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General Studies

This flexible certificate program allows you to customize a course of study to meet your specific learning goals.
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Inclusive Leadership Strategies

The Inclusive Leadership Strategies program is designed to empower emerging and established leaders with essential competencies to effectively navigate and lead within diverse workplace environments. You will gain practical leadership skills to foster positive organizational cultures where everyone feels valued.
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Organizational Preparedness and Adaptability

A six-week online program to help you become more proactive, rather than reactive, and to prepare your organization to withstand any crisis.
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Consequences of Technology

There are consequences to advancing communication technology. We can sometimes predict the effects that we call “progress.” Other times we cannot. Fortunately, some books help explain the changes we face.

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In memory: Richard Mimick

We are sad to share about the sudden passing of our friend and colleague Richard Mimick on March 9, 2023. Richard served as the Director of Business Programs in Continuing Studies since 2003.

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Remembering Kim Carver

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Kim Carver, a beloved Program Assistant in the Business Management Programs.

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People Power: Why it’s a challenge to find employees with people skills

Today's workplaces are looking for employees who genuinely care about the people they are dealing with. But how will they find them?

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Leading today’s workforce

A recent study by the Harvard Business Review shows that "quiet quitting" is not about the work ethic of individual employees, but a response to the relationship (or lack thereof) with their employers. Leaders in today's workplaces must work harder than ever to maintain an engaged team, and traditional leadership skills are no longer enough.

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Finding confidence and success in the business world

The performing arts are Janis Dunning's pride and passion, but learning the foundations of business was an important catalyst for achieving her goal to support the arts. Everyone benefits from learning business skills; it will support you in your line of work, says Janis, a graduate of the Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) and a 2021 Order of Canada appointee.

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Creating community on campus

The UVic Philippine Community Club or UPC's mission is to act as a community and home away from home for Filipino students studying with Continuing Studies at UVic. The club was started in January 2022 and was ratified as an official UVSS club for the second time last month.

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Mapping the way to entrepreneurship

The Instagram page for @walk_with_Masami is filled with colourful photos of local businesses and art taken throughout Victoria. "A Japanese hand-drawn map creator displaying treasures that she discovered in her neighbourhood," reads the bio.

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Celebrating community in the classroom

April Anuran, a Diploma in Business Administration student at Continuing Studies at UVic, took the Business Administration (BMBA100) course earlier this year. Before the course ended in July, she decided to create a video to commemorate her time in the class and celebrate the connections she made.

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Are soft skills the boost your resume needs?

Filling your resume with a long list of technical skills is no longer enough to impress potential employers. Instead, soft skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and time management have become just as important to make your resume stand out amongst a pile of applicants.

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Being fearless: fulfilling an appetite for learning

Don't give up if it's in your heart. It's exciting what can happen when you just try, advises Continuing Studies alumna Janis Dunning. She believes that there is no expiration date to learn something new.

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Micro-credentials keep Continuing Studies learners on leading edge

Learners within the Division of Continuing Studies at the University of Victoria continue to benefit from the department's resolute commitment to preparing people for an evolving economy and workforce. The division's latest initiative advances accreditation in micro-credentials, which are standalone short-duration, competency-based learning experiences.

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Talking EMOC with student Jonny Morris

This program is a real confidence boost. It helps shake out your lack of awareness and where your blind spots are.

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Q&A with BIDA student Hiranand Chawla

We recently caught up with Hiranand Chawla, a student in our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) program. We were interested to learn more about his experience in the program.

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Your study and work permit FAQs

The Division of Continuing Studies is very fortunate to have a Regulated International Students Immigration Advisor (RISIA) as part of its Registration and Student Services Team. Find out answers to common immigration questions.

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A life lived learning

with student Rena Hayes   By Therese Eley, Marketing Services "A good education is the key that will open many doors to a good career and a bright future.

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Avoid the 5 common pitfalls of emerging leaders

When you land in your first leadership role, you will likely find yourself tempted by some of the common snares that can befall an emerging leader. In this article we explore five of the most common mistakes made by emerging leaders. 

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An international business program in the truest sense

We would like to give a shout out to the exceptional work done by our business management program staff, instructors and other Continuing Studies team members.

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Bringing value to business education

Richard Mimick has been in the "Business" business a long time. With a distinguished career spanning several decades, across multiple industries, he brings a wealth of connections, experience and knowledge to the Business and Management programs at Continuing Studies.

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Integrative business management

Program Director Richard Mimick talks about how our Certificate in Business Administration - Fast Track program uses integrative general management (IGM) to stay up to date in our fast-paced global marketplace.

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Getting un-stuck

"I had taken a few community courses through Continuing Studies at UVic, just for pleasure, but the Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS) program was the first professional program that I took through Continuing Studies, outside of my degree at UVic," says graduate Carrie LePage, "It was helpful because I could work at the same time."

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Exciting new Pathway to a BBA option announced!

We have just announced an exciting new "Pathway to a BBA" option for students interested pursuing a career in Business Administration.

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Shawn Ridout

What's a young man to do when he's looking for more career opportunities just as the economy hits the skids? If you're Shawn Ridout, you screw up your courage and go back to school.

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