Curious minds can discover a diamond in the rough.

Data on its own is like "a diamond in the rough"—its true value is only uncovered once you polish it to a shine. The Professional Development Certificate in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) provides you with the tools, plans and methods to help you give value and meaning to data, and guide you and your organization to success. As a professional who is naturally curious about the world of numbers, you’ll learn to convert raw data into valuable information, and to use this insight to solve real business problems.

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Program description

The BIDA program focuses on the technical foundations and specialized skills needed to analyze patterns and trends in different data types, and to make informed decisions. You'll learn to identify and evaluate data sources, as you assist in building innovative business strategies.

The program is designed to provide you with valuable and sought-after skills in data analysis that will help you to identify opportunities and prepare you to become a specialist in this growing field, no matter the industry you work in.

Program features

  • A combination of fundamental theory and practical skill-building opportunities, designed to help close the gap between academia and industry
  • Customizable course selection based on individual needs
  • Tools and techniques in data analysis that are highly in demand and valuable to employers
  • A professional development certificate from a recognized and credible institution

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Through the StrongerBC future skills grant, students may be eligible to receive funding for this program from Sept. 1 - Dec. 31, 2023.
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Program outcomes

By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • identify and understand the benefits of applied business intelligence and data analytics tools
  • identify and evaluate data sources for use in business intelligence and data analytics projects
  • plan, design and build business intelligence and data analytics solutions using data sets
  • demonstrate skillsets in business intelligence and data analytics to solve real business problems by completing projects using real datasets from multiple industries, including IT, finance, healthcare, the public service, social welfare, retail and more
  • use basic programming skills to help handle the data load and automate workflows
  • assist in enabling, communicating and promoting data-driven decision-making across an organization

Who is this program for?

The BIDA program is designed for those who are:

  • naturally curious and want to explore beyond what is on the surface
  • entry-level or mid-career professionals looking to add relevant and highly marketable skills to their resume or toolkit
  • recent graduates or those currently working in computer science/IT, business administration, accounting, finance, engineering, statistics or mathematics

Custom Learning Solutions

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Career options

Some of our learners pursue careers in the following roles:
  • Individuals responsible for data analytics tasks
  • Junior/Intermediate Data Analyst
  • Junior Data Scientist
  • Retail Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Advertising/Marketing/PR Manager

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Courses and fees

To receive the Professional Development Certificate in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, participants must successfully complete three of the five available courses. We encourage those who have limited experience in analytics and coding to complete BIDA 301 and 302, along with one of the following: BIDA 404, 405, 406 or 407. Participants are responsible for ensuring they meet the appropriate prerequisites or experience required for each course. 

= Courses open for registration

Estimated fees

Description Fee
Course 1 $695.00
Course 2 $695.00
Course 3 $695.00
Program fee $20.00
Estimated Total $2,105.00*
Fees listed in this section are an estimate. Total program fees may vary depending on delivery format, course selections, student fees, textbooks and taxes.

Application information

Admission requirements


How to apply

To receive the professional development certificate​, simply select the "program student" option during your course registration. A nominal, non-refundable program fee will be charged.​


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