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Teacher Professional Development

Professional development for teachers and educators in the K-12 system.

Upgrading your skills and credentials while working as an educator can be challenging. That’s why Continuing Studies at UVic offers a range of professional development opportunities to meet your needs.

Teacher Pro-D workshops

Our workshops and institutes will help you strengthen your knowledge and skills in a particular area: music, environmental issues, health and more.

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Teacher Professional Development

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Indigenous cultural teachings

Shxun’utun Sul’hween/Footprints of the Ancestors: Pathways to Reconciliation is an Elders and youth gathering open to all people, especially educators, health care professionals, public service and students. The Snaw-Naw-As First Nation will host this event on their territory, now known as Nanoose Bay, British Columbia. 

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Certificate programs

For those looking for further credentials, we offer certificate programs in Teaching English Language Learning and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). We also have a new French Immersion Teacher Mentorship program. 

The Faculty of Education also offers a Certificate in Special Education and a Diploma in Special Education.

Teacher Pro-D courses

We offer several credit and non-credit courses—many available online—in partnership with UVic’s Faculty of Education. Summer face-to-face courses are also offered on campus.


Courses open for registration
Courses open for registration

French Immersion Teacher Pro-D

French Immersion teachers in BC face unique challenges. The French Immersion Teacher Professional Development series transforms practice through workshops dedicated to the unique needs of in-service immersion teachers.
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October Teacher Pro-D Day

The University of Victoria is a great place for teachers to spend their professional development time. Join us on the province-wide October Pro-D Day for full and half-day workshop options that focus on relevant topics for teachers.
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Courses open for registration

Adult and Continuing Education

Become a certified training and development professional. Gain confidence as an instructor, group facilitator and curriculum developer in adult education. Entirely online and accredited by The Canadian Institute for Performance and Learning.
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French Immersion Teacher Mentorship

French Immersion teachers in BC face unique challenges. The French Immersion Teacher Mentorship program transforms practice through mentorship, to create a more engaged and confident workforce.
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Intercultural Studies and Practice

The Diploma in Intercultural Studies and Practice (ISP) prepares students to play a productive and socially responsible role in an increasingly multicultural and diverse world. The program aims to develop social responsibility and a clearer understanding and awareness of the complex issues at play in a multicultural society.
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La Maison française

La Maison française is an intensive, non-credit, French immersion program that's offered virtually in the summer. It is open to Canadian and international students and is intended for learners 18 years and up, at all levels of proficiency, from total beginner to advanced.
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Shxun’utun Sul’hween - Footprints of the Ancestors: Pathways to Reconciliation

Shxun’utun Sul’hween/Footprints of the Ancestors: Pathways to Reconciliation is an elders and youth gathering for everyone involved in education, health care and public service. Participants will engage in cultural activities offered by Elders from the Snaw-Naw-As First Nation in cooperation with respected Elders and Knowledge Keepers from neighbouring Coast Salish nations.
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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

This program is intended for aspiring teachers of the English language who are fluent in English and who have an interest in teaching abroad. Previous teaching experience is not required.
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Teaching English Language Learning

As a K-12 teacher, you can now earn a Micro-certificate in Teaching English Language Learning by completing two online courses offered through Continuing Studies at UVic.
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Teacher Pro-d Summer 2022 Newsletter

What's new in education featuring summer reflection, improving long term learning, testing students and gamification.

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Wondering if it’s worth taking a TEFL course?

When I was a recent undergrad, I wanted to see the world. So, I took a job teaching English in Japan.

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What It's Like Teaching English Abroad

Stephen Frampton, who has taught in Mexico, Myanmar and Morocco, discusses his experiences teaching English as a foreign language.

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These Acronyms are Making Me CRAZY: ESL, EFL, EAL, ELL, TEFL, TESL, TESOL, CELTA....

As someone who promotes English teaching-training programs at a university for a career, I'm constantly being asked by potential students, institutions, and even experienced teachers what all these acronyms stand for and what's the difference between them. I get questions like "Should I take a TEFL class or a TESL class?" or "What's the difference between ESL and ELL?" all the time, so I wanted to write a quick blog entry to address the confusion.

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Teaching from the heart

"The word 'education' has nothing to do with filling people up with knowledge. The root comes from the Latin 'educere' meaning to 'bring out'. That’s what true education is. If you can bring out belief, motivation, dignity, hope, purpose, you are bringing out core values on which they can build their life."

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Danielle Hall

After six years of university—never mind the 13 years I spent as a French immersion student in the Saanich school district—I had completed my teaching certificate and was starting the career I had dreamed of. I knew I was fully equipped to teach students at the elementary level, but when I thought of teaching students in the French immersion program, something was missing.

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