Join us this summer for La Maison française!

Have you ever wanted to learn French? Or need some brushing up? La Maison française is a non-credit five-week virtual program that you can take from the comfort of your own home! All levels of proficiency are welcome and each student who successfully completes the program will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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Program description

The experienced instructors at La Maison française create a dynamic atmosphere for students to develop the fundamental skills to think, write and speak in French. 

This program runs Monday to Friday, includes morning language instruction, afternoon workshops and sociocultural activities. The curriculum is divided into several levels of linguistic competencies, which are determined by a French Language Assessment completed prior to the start of the program.

Continuing Studies at UVic has delivered this program every summer since its inception in 1965, and although it has evolved over time, the core objectives remain the same:

  • only use French in teaching and conversation
  • teach the fundamental structures of the French language so that students adjust to thinking in French
  • develop a wide vocabulary to help students express themselves orally in French
  • develop functional vocabulary for numerous written purposes
  • explore the linguistic similarities and differences between varieties of French spoken across the world

Funding is available with the Explore program to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have been a part-time or full-time student for at least one term during the current school year. Funding is also available for BC teachers—many of whom choose to take this program for professional development in the summer—by contacting us directly at

Program partners

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Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC) – Explore

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BC Ministry of Education

With the participation of the Government of Canada and the Ministry of Education and Child Care of British Columbia

Who is this program for?

The LMF program is designed for:

  • adults aged 18 and up*
  • all proficiency levels: from total beginner to advanced
  • part-time and full-time students wanting to complement their studies with valuable additional language skills
  • current BC teachers wanting to improve or maintain their French language skills
  • international students wanting to learn Canada's other official language
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are looking for employment skills or who just have a love of the language

* Please note that most participants are between 18 and 25 years of age, therefore most of the sociocultural activities are planned accordingly.

Career options

Some of our learners pursue careers in the following roles:
  • FSL Tutor/Teacher
  • French Immersion Teacher
  • Bilingual Cultural Organization Employee
  • Cultural Assistant (in Explore program at another institution)
  • Language Monitor (for one school year in Odyssey program)
  • Bilingual Tourism Industry Employee

News and resources

Courses and fees

To receive a certificate of successful completion, all participants must have received a passing grade in their class and have adhered to our attendance policy regarding classes and workshops.

In addition, Explore program participants must have attended at least the minimum number of sociocultural activities required.

Although this is a non-credit program, some institutions may elect to grant credit to their students who have completed LMF at UVic.

Program dates

The 2024 program begins on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 and runs until Friday, August 2, 2024. Each participant will be required to virtually attend daily language classes. Explore participants will also be required to virtually attend the equivalent of one workshop/socio-cultural activity per work day. Each participant's schedule will vary slightly based on their language proficiency level and chosen workshops/activities. 

Estimated fees

Description Fee
Registration fee (for all participants) $275.00
Program fee (Canadian non-bursary students) $1,500.00
Estimated Total $1,775.00*
Fees listed in this section are an estimate. Total program fees may vary depending on delivery format, course selections, student fees, textbooks and taxes.

Application information

How to apply

Admission to the program is different for Explore or BC Teacher funding participants, and all others participants.

For all students, there is a non-refundable $275 registration fee, payable at the time of registration.

Explore funding participants

If you are eligible to attend the LMF program under the Explore program, you should first apply to the Explore program. The deadline to apply was February 6, 2024, but they are still accepting late applications. If your name is drawn, you will receive detailed instructions on how to register with the institution (hopefully UVic!) that you have been accepted to.

BC Teacher funding participants

If you currently hold a BC College of Teachers Certificate, you are eligible to apply for BC Teacher funding (even if you are a TOC) to attend the LMF program. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us at 250-721-8630 or to be put on the interest list as soon as possible. Once the number of places available is confirmed by the Ministry of Education, we will send a detailed registration form to the first teachers on the list. Those beyond that number will be put on a waiting list and may receive funding at a later date.

All other participants

You may apply online below.

Application dates

Starting in
July 2024
Accepting Applications
Apply by
May 31, 2024
Apply online Contact us for more info