Health Professional Development

Health education you can put into practice.

Stay current in your practice with our Health Professional Development courses and programs. 

Our online and on-campus courses are designed to reflect the latest research and developments in healthcare topics that are often required for continuing education credits (CECs) within a professional organization. Please check with your association to ensure that the courses you take can be used toward obtaining CECs.

These professional development opportunities are well suited for:

  • doctors
  • pharmacists
  • nurses
  • nurse practitioners
  • LPNs
  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • and other health and helping professionals


Courses open for registration

Emergency Management for Organizational Continuity

This dynamic and practical program equips you to prepare your organization to respond to emergencies and minimize impact on human resources, financial systems and business operations.
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Environmental and Occupational Health

Gain a competitive edge in the workforce with our occupational health and safety training program, which incorporates a progressive environmental component. Available 100% online - learn from anywhere.
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Population Health Data Analysis

This non-credit program is designed for those who are seeking education and professional development in advanced population health analysis. The goal of the program is to provide participants with strong foundational knowledge and data analysis skills that can support their work within the field of population health.
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Wound Management for Health Professionals

Wound care is one of the fastest growing areas in health care today. This online program for health care professionals combines the most current evidence and trends in wound care to prepare participants to act as Wound Champions.
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Epidemiology – A critical lens into the past and future of COVID-19

Health Canada’s COVID-19 epidemiology updates provide vital information on how Canada is managing the epidemic on both a federal and provincial level.

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Health care professional development in a pandemic … and beyond

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic stretched every health care organization on the globe, health service planners were looking to “task-shifting” to make the best use of staff resources. Broad professional development equips health workers to take on new roles during a crisis, or when local conditions warrant.

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Chasing a virus

Geography and epidemiology team up to characterize the modern scourge. We all know what geography is. It’s all that business about the names of countries, flags and making maps, right? A recent article in Wired surveyed the discipline among present circumstances with a refreshing resonance, whilst not overlooking its pragmatism. The point is that geography as a discipline has never really seemed so important.

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The role GIS played in the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

The ability to use GIS and epidemiology to address emerging population health issues in our society are key components of the Population Health Data Analysis (PHDA) program.

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Q&A with Misty Stephens, Wound Management Instructor

Wound Management instructor Misty Stephens shares career advice, explains how she became a specialist wound care nurse only after her first career as a professional ballerina, and reveals the superpower she'd like to have.

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Major update for Wound Management for Health Professionals

Wound Management for Health Professionals Level I celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2020 with an extensively revised curriculum, launching early this year. The updated course reflects the evolution in healthcare practice in recent years, and brings the course into full alignment with new standards set out by provincial and national wound care organizations.

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Health Protection and Health Promotion

By Jason McInnis, an instructor in our Environmental and Occupational Health Program   "Both ancient and modern societies have been slow to recognize and control the health hazards associated with work." – R.S.

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Chronic Leg Wounds

By Misty Stephens, Wound Management for Health Professionals Instructor Our health care system is over capacitated and financially over burdened with chronic lower leg complications...

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A Life Lived Learning

with student Rena Hayes   By Therese Eley, Marketing Services "A good education is the key that will open many doors to a good career and a bright future.

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Population Data Science – Explore the value, apply the skills

Data now fuels decision-making in almost every sector of our society. As a result, interest in data-intensive science is growing rapidly as opportunities to explore this expanding resource source abound.

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Q&A with Rasha Abu Obayda - Wound Management Student

Rasha earned her Certificate of Completion in the Wound Level II course in the spring of 2018. She currently resides in Calgary, AB.   Please share a little about yourself. Where do you live? What’s your profession?

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Q&A with Dezi Grant - Wound Management Student

Dezi Grant earned her Certificate of Completion in the Wound Level II course in the Spring of 2018. She resides in Edmonton, Alberta.   Please share a little about yourself. Where do you live? What do you currently do for work?

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Wound Management Program News - Sept. 2018

New instructor for Wound Management for Health Professionals Level I We are excited to welcome Misty Stephens as a new instructor this fall. Misty has been a registered nurse for 12 years.

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Unlocking the Secret to Fall Prevention

By: Vicky Scott, RN, PhD, Clinical Professor, School of Population and Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

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Achievement and success through Continuing Education 

Interview with Donna Saworski, Graduate, Environmental and Occupational Health Certificate   What is your current position? My title is HR Specialist – Occupational Health and Safety.

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Wound Management Program News

Find out what is happening with our Wound Management for Health Professionals Program. We welcome a new instructor, catch up with a seasoned instructor, and list upcoming Wound Care conferences.

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Finding Space

One of the brightest smiles and bubbliest personalities in our office belongs to Laura Vizina, our Director of Health Sciences and Public Relations Programs.

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Remembering Anita Jessop

Anita Lynn Jessop (née Fournier) June 15, 1953 – June 16, 2017 It is with a heavy heart that we mark the passing of one of our own, Anita Jessop.

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A Tribute to Noreen Campbell: Practitioner, Educator, Administrative Leader

Last week, we lost one of our most passionate, long-time instructors, Noreen Campbell. Throughout the decades, Noreen was an inspirational educator and leader in continuing professional education.

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Why We Do What We Do

Throughout our lives, many of us could say we’ve participated in formal and informal learning settings. Community enrichment, mindful practices and professional development opportunities touch us at different times in our lives. At the Division of Continuing Studies, we focus on the learner experience by creating diverse opportunities.

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Nicole Gentner

My job requires frequent travel and the flexibility of UVic's online program, plus advanced online tools and databases, made it possible to study from anywhere. Having previously completed an undergraduate and graduate degree in a traditional/on-campus program, I was highly impressed with the quality of education, instructors and students associated with the online program.

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Gavin St. Michael

Many years ago, as a lab instructor in Biochemistry and Microbiology, I had occasional interaction with the staff in UVic's department of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE), and always thought, “that seems like a fun and int

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Renée O'Leary

I had no inkling when I started in the Humanities Diploma Program in January 2004 that I would be a health care researcher.

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