Make a difference in our environment.

Urban sprawl. Deforestation. Air pollution. Water contamination. Invasive species. The demand for sustainable actions is higher now than ever before, and it's only going to grow.

Our sustainability courses will equip you with the tools and knowledge to make a difference. From seed saving to rainwater harvesting, these courses will empower you to have a positive impact on community sustainability.

Sustainability programs

The University of Victoria's Sustainability and Ecological Restoration programs—a partnership between UVic's School of Environmental Studies and Division of Continuing Studies—are certificate and diploma programs designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to restore habitats to their natural state. If you want to pursue a career in sustainability, take a look at these programs by clicking on the “programs” tab below. 

Sustainability courses

From hands-on workshops to walking tours, our community sustainability courses will help you get your hands dirty. You can learn about many things in these courses and workshops, including: 

  • how to harvest rainwater 
  • how to save seeds 
  • which plants are native to Vancouver Island
  • environment projects in the community

Courses are offered in spring and fall. See the "courses" tab for more information. 

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Courses open for registration

Ecological Restoration

Advanced ecology training that builds on your knowledge in the field. Courses are offered online, appealing to working professionals as a means to meet their annual professional development requirements or to update their skills and understanding.
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General Studies

This new flexible certificate allows you to create your own program by choosing courses from the wide range of diploma and certificate programs offered in the Division of Continuing Studies. You can customize a course of study to meet your specific learning needs and objectives.
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Restoration of Natural Systems - Certificate

Drawing on the latest theories and innovations in the field of ecological restoration, the Restoration of Natural Systems (RNS) certificate program gives you a solid background in the principles and practices relating to ecological restoration. You'll learn biodiversity and conservation biology, legal and ethical consideration, how to plan and carry out restoration work, field techniques and more.
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Restoration of Natural Systems - Diploma

An innovative, hands-on program that balances theory and practice. An innovative, hands-on program that balances theory and practice across all dimensions of ecological restoration. This dynamic, interdisciplinary credit program provides comprehensive knowledge and skills to those interested in the rapidly emerging field of ecological restoration.
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Balancing the Books – Ecological Restoration Programs at the University of Victoria take People and Nature into Account

The University of Victoria offers two programs in ecological restoration benefitting from a partnership that brings together content expertise from the School of Environmental Studies (SES) and the sensitivity to adult learner needs and online teaching expertise from the Division of Continuing Studies (DCS).

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Layered Landscapes and Ecological Restoration in Cities

Ecological restoration depends critically on context. In addition to the ecological perspective, ecological restoration in cities needs to consider social and political layers that have impact on a site as well. Context for the site design is critical for a project to endure. There is no single prescription for restoration. To really work, a design requires that we understand the layers of a site’s past history, current influences — both on- and off-site and future impacts.

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Fall 2017 Newsletter – Sustainability and Ecological Restoration

Spring course registration is NOW OPEN. Courses fill up fast, so be sure to register early to get your seat.

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Summer 2017 Newsletter – Sustainability and Ecological Restoration

There are lots of exciting courses and events coming up – read on for details! Upcoming courses Fall course registration is NOW OPEN and Spring course registration will open August 1, 2017.

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A Big Green Idea

Amanda Evans is originally from Toronto but came out to Victoria in 2003 to attend the University of Victoria. In 2012, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and Geography, and a Diploma in Restoration of Natural Systems.

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New Program: Certificate in General Studies

Have you ever wanted to design your own credential? Have you ever struggled to find a program that meets your specific interests and needs? Then you might be interested in our newest program: the Certificate in General Studies.

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Kristina Coleman

Like many in her program, Coleman works full time and is five courses into the 12-course program. As a chemist, her day job is analyzing data for an environmental laboratory in Sidney. "I wanted to know more about the environment and systems and how it all fits together," she says. "I thought this program would be a little flaky, like maybe it won't be anything I can use (in life or work). But it definitely is."

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