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Do you want to advance in your current career or are you looking for something completely fresh? Continuing Studies at UVic will deepen your perspective on career training and professional development.

Our certificate, diploma and micro-credential programs are an ideal way to earn the skills and credentials you need to succeed. Our instructors are real-world experts in their fields, who balance practical experience with teaching excellence. With many of our programs offered online, you will receive education and training for the real world and get the opportunity to network with people in your field. Financial assistance may be available for eligible applicants. 


Video - Find out how our students' perspectives were refreshed

Find out how our students' perspectives were refreshed

Find out how our students' perspectives were refreshed

Watch video to learn about professional programs at Continuing Studies at UVic.

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  • Old and new office technology

    Administrative Technology

    This micro-credential equips learners with the critical skills sought by employers to succeed in a computerized office—from software and database management to data analytics skills, cloud-based applications, digital communication and more. 

  • Adult and Continuing Education

    Adult and Continuing Education

    Building an effective workplace learning program means having all the right pieces in place. Gain knowledge and practical skills-building in the areas of program and course development, facilitation and instructional design. Learn how to apply the latest in instructional techniques and online learning tools to reach your learners in more ways than ever before. 

  • Hands signing ASL

    American Sign Language

    The American Sign Language (ASL) program will provide you the opportunity to expand your understanding of languagehood by learning a language that relies on a visual modality. This will develop your awareness and sensitivity to linguistic and cultural diversity that enhances communicative and cultural competence.

  • Certificate in Business Administration

    Business Administration

    The Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) is designed to fit the needs of mid-career professionals, full-time employees and people looking for professional development. Learn about business administration, marketing, technology, e-commerce and more. Courses are offered on-campus, online or through intensive workshops so you can complete the certificate at your own pace.

  • Diploma in Business Administration

    Business Administration

    The Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) is a comprehensive business administration program designed to give you the practical knowledge and skills required for professional success. You’ll learn business administration, business writing, management computing, financial accounting, marketing, small business management, international business and more.

  • Photo of birds flying in arrow formation

    Business Communication

    This versatile program provides practical information and easily applied strategies to help you become a confident communicator in any industry. With a focus on developing self-assurance, you’ll learn to foster trust, provide clarity and direction, create better relationships and promote team building as you go places in your career.

  • Close up of calculator and printed graphs.

    Business Finance

    The Micro-certificate in Business Finance is a comprehensive program that provides a solid foundation in accounting principles, finance and investing. Develop essential skills for success in business, administration and entrepreneurship, while gaining the knowledge to make smart financial decisions to reach your business goals.

  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

    If you are a recent graduate or career professional looking to add relevant and highly marketable skills to your resume or toolkit, these NEW business intelligence and data analytics courses could be just what you need to get the competitive edge in this in-demand field.

  • Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum

    Those working with older adults in long-term, acute and home care will acquire the knowledge and skills to apply an evidence-based approach to the prevention of falls and fall-related injuries. Learn how to design, implement and evaluate a fall prevention program.

  • Illustration of a compas pointing to various sustainability issues.

    Climate Action Planning

    The Climate Action Planning micro-credential (CAP) is a great opportunity to learn the foundations of planning for climate action. You will develop the skills needed for you as a professional to put into action at all government levels.

  • Collections Management

    Within every object is a story, waiting to be unlocked. Preserving and unlocking the secrets within the cultural production of diverse communities, and sharing their stories with others is what makes history relevant today. This program gives you the skills you need to develop, manage and bring meaning to cultural collections.

  • Community Fishers Training

    Community Fishers empowers researchers and professional fishers to easily contribute high-quality, continuous data on water properties to help better understand and inform policy on fish habitat and the changes that may be impacting the ocean environment over time.

  • Cultural Resource Management

    If you’re passionate about preserving cultural resources, the diploma in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) will provide you with the education you need to become a valuable member of any cultural organization. Study alongside museum and heritage professionals from around the world, and learn valuable skills from leading experts in the field.

  • Current Concepts in Dentistry

    Current Concepts in Dentistry

    Current Concepts in Dentistry (CCID) is one of the foremost events in the field of dental continuing education. This ADA CERP recognized program is a great opportunity to learn from four outstanding instructors in November each year. You’ll also earn up to seven CE credits per day (28 credits over four days).

  • Illustrations of balls travelling on waves.

    Designing Learning for a Changing Workplace

    The workplace is always evolving like a constant wave, but you have the power to remain steady and not get swept away by constant change. The Micro-certificate in Designing Learning for a Changing Workplace is your opportunity to ride the wave of change and learn how to effectively adapt to it.

  • Designing Learning in a Hybrid Workplace

    Designing Learning in a Hybrid Workplace

    The workplace is changing, and many businesses are realizing the future of work is hybrid. Training employees in this new environment requires a new set of skills. In this online micro-credential program, you will gain the necessary skills to effectively design and deliver training for a hybrid workplace through a series of three short, self-paced and stackable courses.

  • Digital Planning for the Cultural Sector

    Digital Planning for the Cultural Sector

    Digital Planning for the Cultural Sector provides just-in-time training for professionals in the museum, heritage and cultural sector to develop the critical competencies and skills needed to make informed decisions around the future of digital technologies for cultural organizations.

  • Ecological Restoration

    This non-credit certificate provides advanced ecology training for professionals working in landscape architecture, landscape design and management, forestry, agrology, biology, mining, ecological restoration or environmental practice. The courses will prepare you to conduct site assessments and restoration projects with special attention to the unique challenges presented by altered environments.

  • Emergency Management for Organizational Continuity

    Continuity during a crisis requires thinking three moves ahead. The new Emergency Management for Organizational Continuity program equips learners with the knowledge and skills needed to plan for and maintain business continuity in the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster, pandemic, conflict or cyber-attack.

  • Environmental and Occupational Health

    In this program, you’ll learn how to identify health risks, prevent serious accidents and maintain safety regulations in the workplace. The EOH program meets the requirements set by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP), and has received the Project Minerva Canada Award from the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering.

  • Hands holding lightbulb

    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    This program empowers employers and employees to drive positive change by fostering equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplaces. Participants will learn about intercultural communication, systemic barriers and talent acquisition to transform work environments and promote collaboration.

  • Essential Soft Skills Training
    Micro-certificate| ONLINE

    The Essential Soft Skills Training (ESST) micro-credential is a new five-week, part-time, instructor-led online program that will build learners’ competencies in critical soft skills: organizational skills, communication skills, critical thinking, and team-building.

  • French Immersion Teacher Mentorship

    French Immersion teachers in BC face unique challenges. The French Immersion Teacher Mentorship program transforms practice through mentorship, to create a more engaged and confident workforce.

  • French Immersion Teacher Pro-⁠D

    French Immersion teachers in BC face unique challenges. The French Immersion Teacher professional development series transforms practice through workshops dedicated to the unique needs of in-service immersion teachers.

  • Green Shores™ Training

    The Green Shores Training program provides options and tools for a wide range of planning, design and construction professionals and landowners who are interested in minimizing the environmental impacts of their projects in a cost-effective manner.

  • Health Terminology Standards

    The Health Terminology Standards professional certificate is a one-year, part-time, online non-credit program. After graduation of the program, you will be eligible for the Canadian College of Health Information Management Certified Terminology Standards Specialist (CTSS) credential.

  • Indigenous Cultural Stewardship (ICS)

    Weaving together a more respectful and inclusive cultural sector. This micro-credential provides the knowledge and skills to recognize, revitalize, protect and celebrate Indigenous cultural heritage. Make positive and sustainable change in the museum and heritage sector.

  • Indigenous Language Documentation program image.

    Indigenous Language Documentation

    Documentation plays a key role in language reclamation. This new micro-credential will give you skills in audio/video recording and editing, working with archival materials, creating resources, and best practices for collecting and safeguarding Elders' voices and cultural knowledge.

  • Indigenous Cultural Teachings

    Indigenous Cultural Teachings

    Shxun’utun Sul’hween/ Footprints of the Ancestors: Pathways to Reconciliation is an Elders and youth gathering open to all people, especially educators, health care professionals, public service and students. The Snaw-Naw-As First Nation will host this event on their territory, now known as Nanoose Bay, British Columbia.

  • Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization

    Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR)

    This award-winning program will strengthen your understanding of language loss, maintenance and recovery, and help you develop the knowledge and practical strategies for language revitalization activities across British Columbia and beyond. Courses are offered in a variety of communities in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and more.

  • Intercultural Studies and Practice

    The Intercultural Studies and Practice (ISP) program aims to develop social responsibility and a clearer understanding and awareness of the complex issues at play in our increasingly multicultural society. You will develop skills to support all aspects of cultural diversity, inclusion and social change in your community, workplace and around the world.

  • La Maison Francaise

    La Maison Française (LMF) is an intensive, virtual, non-credit, summer French immersion program. It is open to Canadian and international students and is intended for learners 18 years and up, at all levels of proficiency, from total beginner to advanced.

  • Mapping with drones program image

    Mapping with Drones

    Do you want to take your connection to our planet to new heights? Capture detailed images from the sky for mapping landscapes and monitoring environmental change. Develop your analytical skills to identify real world features and structures in ways that allow you to provide detailed assessments of our planet. Soar to new perspectives with Mapping with Drones.

  • Post it notes for a marketing plan.

    Marketing Communication

    The Micro-certificate in Marketing Communication introduce learners to marketing theory and practices, communication planning and social media communications.

  • Photo of teacher

    October Teacher Pro-D Day

    Join us on the province-wide October Pro-D Day for workshops that focus on relevant topics for teachers. Workshop participants will leave with new ideas and the tools to incorporate those ideas into their classrooms. This is a fantastic opportunity to renew your inspiration, learn new skills, and network with other teachers.

  • Photo of people crossing a bridge

    Organizational Preparedness and Adaptability

    A six-week online program to help you become more proactive, rather than reactive, and to prepare your organization to withstand any crisis. Put the right plans in place to keep your organization moving forward.

  • photo of pharmacist talking with elderly patient

    Palliative Care Pharmacy

    This online program enables pharmacists to acquire the specialized knowledge to support palliative care patients and their families, as well as other members of the interprofessional team, in pain and symptom management, deprescribing, addressing adverse events, and use of opioids and cannabis.

  • illustraiton of people made out of numbers

    Population Health Data Analysis

    Every piece of data tells a story. This program will prepare you to tell that story. Learn a broad array of techniques to analyze and interpret health data through online discussions, assignments and practical data analysis applications. Each course introduces relevant analytical approaches and provides you with the knowledge and evaluative tools to discern how to apply them in practice.

  • Bricks with PR courses written on them.

    Public Relations

    Take your PR career to new heights. In today’s rapidly changing world, public relations professionals must be able to design external and internal communication strategies and integrate the new theoretical and practical models of public relations into their organization’s practice. This program prepares you to think critically, develop teamwork skills and manage time effectively.

  • Ecological Restoration Certificate Program

    Restoration of Natural Systems

    The bridge to a healthier ecological future. Knowing where we are headed, from an ecological standpoint, requires an understanding of environmental impacts and recovery strategies. The RNS program provides a bridge that connects this knowledge with the practical skills needed to solve complex restoration issues. The program’s holistic approach will empower you to make a difference in how we connect with the natural world.

  • Ecological Restoration Diploma Program

    Restoration of Natural Systems

    The bridge to a healthier ecological future. Knowing where we are headed, from an ecological standpoint, requires an understanding of environmental impacts and recovery strategies. The RNS program provides a bridge that connects this knowledge with the practical skills needed to solve complex restoration issues. The program’s holistic approach will empower you to make a difference in how we connect with the natural world.

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

    TEFL will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to teach with authority and find employment with a respected school. It will also prepare you to navigate the demands of a changing marketplace and the stresses of living and working in a new country.

  • Photo of a teaching and student

    Teaching English Language Learning
    Micro-certificate | ONLINE

    As a K-12 teacher, you can now earn a Micro-certificate in Teaching English Language Learning (TELL) by completing two online courses offered through Continuing Studies at UVic.

  • Health professional helping serior

    Strategies and Actions for Independent Living (SAIL)

    This short, practical fall prevention micro-credential program is designed for home health care aides who provide day-to-day in-home care for frail older adults, to help their clients live independently and safely at home.

  • Visitor and Community Engagement

    Visitor and Community Engagement (VCE)

    As a museum, heritage or cultural professional, you know that so much of your work is about making connections. This program brings focus and increased understanding to the skills and strategies needed to build and maintain relationships with diverse communities so organizations can better engage and serve their public⁠(s).

  • Young man sitting on ground in dark corner.

    Wound Care for Clients Experiencing Inequities

    Learn to apply the latest best practices in wound management in a context of harm reduction and trauma-informed care for clients experiencing inequities, including individuals living in high-risk environments, experiencing homelessness or using substances.

  • Wound Management for Health Professionals

    Proficient wound management is an ever-present challenge for professional health care clinicians. Chronic and acute wound prevention and treatment requires a strong foundation of theory and principles combined with evidence-based practice. This online program for health care professionals combines the most current information and trends in wound care.

  • General Studies

    If you've been browsing through our programs and seeing courses that you’d like to take but they’re in multiple areas, the Certificate in General Studies (CGS) is for you! In the CGS program, you create your own course of study by choosing courses from any of our program offerings. CGS will help you to meet your specific learning needs and achieve your unique goals. Design your own learning program.

  • New programs coming soon! 

    We are working on a number of exciting new programs exploring the latest in a wide range of topics, taught in small-class and online learning environments. Join our email lists and we'll let you know once details become available.