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Take your career to an immersive new level.

The power of gaming, animation, and augmented and virtual reality technology has opened up new platforms for engaging storytelling that invites the viewer to become part of the story. As demand for this immersive content continues to grow, employers are seeking people with the skills to meet the needs of the growing creative technology sector. The Unity® Game Development Specialist micro-certificate equips learners with a strong foundation and the ability to rapidly acquire skills in crafting compelling content for virtual environments using the Unity® platform. Immerse yourself in the training you need to stay ahead in the game.

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Program description

As British Columbia's creative technology sector—including video games, visual effects (VFX), animation, and extended reality (XR)—continues to grow, the need for skilled professionals has never been greater.

Enter our Unity® Game Development Specialist micro-certificate program, designed to take individuals with little to no experience in game development to a level of competent proficiency.

This micro-certificate consists of two courses—a six-week introductory course and a 12-week advanced course—both delivered via synchronous teaching complemented by take-home labs.

By progressing from the basics of Unity® and C# programming to advanced project management and debugging skills, this program offers a fast track to becoming a Unity® specialist, and prepares graduates for optional Unity® certification.

Participants will take part in interactive projects, guiding you from initial concept to a polished, market-ready product, showcasing your end-to-end development capabilities.

Program highlights

18-week program

Career enhancer
Opportunity for increased employability or to upskill or reskill

A micro-credential program developed in partnership with the industry and delivered by a respected and recognized institution

All participants who successfully complete the UCT program will receive an industry-recognized micro-certificate

Program outcomes

Upon completion of this program, learners will be able to:

  • Develop foundational skills and knowledge to create immersive 2D and 3D virtual experiences within the Unity environment.
  • Apply advanced C# scripting in Unity, including creating custom components, precise input handling, accurate collision detection, and developing intricate interactions.
  • Identify, diagnose and resolve common problems within the Unity development environment, ensuring smooth and error-free development processes.
  • Explain the roles, interactions and industry-standard workflows in creative technology development.
  • Integrate interactive storytelling techniques within the Unity framework, showcasing the capability to create engaging narratives that enhance the user experience.

Who is this program for?

  • Individuals new to game development who are eager to launch a career in this thriving industry.
  • Fine arts graduates looking to merge their artistic talents into the game development industry.
  • Intermediate developers with 6 – 12 months of prior game development or programming experience who are ready to advance their skills in the second course.
  • Technical artists who want to apply their knowledge and technical expertise.
  • Software engineers who are seeking a transition into this dynamic field.

Career options

Some of our learners pursue careers in the following roles:
  • Game Developer
  • Game Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Technical Artist
  • Game Artist
  • Game Writer/Narrative Designer
  • VR/AR Developer

Labour market data

Location Greater Vancouver
Data source: EMSI 2022

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Courses and fees

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Estimated fees

Description Fee
Course 1 $590.00
Course 2 $1,180.00
Program fee $20.00
Estimated Total $1,790.00*
Fees listed in this section are an estimate. Total program fees may vary depending on delivery format, course selections, student fees, textbooks and taxes.

Application information

How to apply

No application is necessary. Simply register for the courses above. When registering, you will have the option to purchase the Unity® Game Development Specialist micro-certificate fee at an additional cost of $20. You are only required to select this when registering for one of the two required courses. 

Once you have completed your second course, your certificate will be automatically issued and sent to you. Micro-certificates will be sent approximately one month after the completion of your second course.  

Note: We are unable to retroactively issue a micro-certificate. Students must purchase the $20 program fee prior to the last day of the last course in the program.