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Creative Technology and Design

Technology is always evolving. There are many advanced software applications out there that can bring your design ideas to life. In these courses, you’ll improve your technical skills by editing videos and photography, recording podcasts, creating animations and designing digital graphics. You’ll gain the confidence to effectively use visual communication to express your creativity. 

Graphic design

We offer a wide variety of courses in graphic design where you will practice using software applications like Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and SketchUp.

Video editing and animation

For those who want to take their YouTube videos to the next level or those interested in video editing, we offer courses in Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Web development

Have you ever wanted to create your own website? Our web design courses cover the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so you can get started on building.

Creative Technology and Design programs

We offer the Unity® Game Development Specialist micro-credential, which introduces you to the fundamentals of 2D and 3D technologies such as virtual reality, gaming and animation. You will learn about the process of interactive storytelling so you can prepare for a career in the creative technology sector.

Individual Creative Technology and Design courses

Many courses under this topic can be taken individually. This allows you to take courses that spark an interest without having to commit to completing a full credential.


Courses open for registration

Online Art and Design Courses

The Division of Continuing Studies, in partnership with the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD), is pleased to offer online educational opportunities for interested, creative professionals.
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Courses open for registration

Unity® Game Development Specialist

This intensive 18-week micro-credential program provides learners with a robust foundation and the agility to rapidly cultivate expertise in crafting captivating content for virtual environments in the growing gaming and creative technology sector.
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Consequences of Technology

There are consequences to advancing communication technology. We can sometimes predict the effects that we call “progress.” Other times we cannot. Fortunately, some books help explain the changes we face.

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Continuing Studies at UVic joins forces with Lighthouse Labs, helping students flourish in tech workforce

If you want to enter a career in the tech workforce, your background or experience level shouldn’t be holding you back from reaching your goals. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to get involved and thrive in Canada’s growing information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

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The bright side of the digital world

The thought of pursuing digital communication stood out to instructor Liz Pittman like a rainbow glowing in the sky after a heavy rainfall. Social media can be a great community building tool, she says.

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