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Programs coming soon

Looking to refresh your skills or to develop new ones for our changing world? We are working on a number of exciting new programs exploring the latest in a wide range of topics, taught in small-class and online learning environments. Join our email lists below and we'll let you know once details become available. 

Just announced:

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Tourism Sustainability


With extreme weather events occurring more and more frequently, and ambitious new targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there is a growing need worldwide for climate change adaptation. Through flexible online learning, the Micro-certificate in Tourism Sustainability is designed to foster an understanding of sustainability and enhance the skills of individuals currently employed or seeking a career in the tourism sector. You will learn fundamentals of greenhouse gas emissions reduction, climate change mitigation and adaptation within a tourism context, and have a chance to apply global frameworks within your own workplace context. Help strengthen the resiliency of the tourism sector, conserve our natural environment, and empower the industry to take the necessary steps for climate adaptation.

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Knowledge Democracy in Higher Education 


Let’s transform and reshape higher education to meet the challenges of our times—embark on a journey of building knowledge and community, social change, and leadership. Knowledge Democracy in Higher Education is a five-part learning series focused on understanding the principles of community-university engagement, community-based participatory research, building equitable partnerships, integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and transforming higher education. Designed to fit your schedule, our short courses are packed with current information and resources to ensure you stay at the forefront of this innovative field. Elevate your learning, connect with leading experts, and refine your skills in one, comprehensive program or learning series.

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Global Communication Skills for Academia


The Global Communication Skills for Academia program is ideal for graduate students and scholars who speak English as a second or additional language. This micro-certificate program will develop and improve your overall language proficiency—with a focus on effective oral and written communication skills—and presentation skills for academic purposes. You will also learn relevant soft skills for in-person or virtual networking and enhanced communications.

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Shxun’utun Sul’hween - Footprints of the Ancestors: Pathways to Reconciliation


Shxun’utun Sul’hween/Footprints of the Ancestors: Pathways to Reconciliation is an elders and youth gathering for everyone involved in education, health care and public service. Participants will engage in cultural activities offered by Elders from the Snaw-Naw-As First Nation in cooperation with respected Elders and Knowledge Keepers from neighbouring Coast Salish nations.

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Newly launched:

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Crisis Communication for Public Relations Professionals


The online Crisis Communication for Public Relations Professionals micro-certificate gives you the expertise to develop, implement and evaluate effective crisis communication plans for your organization. You will emerge as a resilient communication, armed with the knowledge and skills to navigate a crisis.

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Intellectual and Cultural Property Law


Gain a deeper understanding of intellectual property laws, not only federally and provincially but with a focus on Indigenous intellectual property laws, customs and traditions. With a robust and interdisciplinary learning environment, our program integrates a unique perspective on legal principles and concepts.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


This program empowers employers and employees to drive positive change by fostering equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplaces. Participants will learn about intercultural communication, systemic barriers and talent acquisition to transform work environments and promote collaboration.

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Indigenous Language Documentation


Documentation plays a key role in language reclamation. This new micro-credential in Indigenous Language Documentation will give you skills in audio/video recording and editing, working with archival materials, creating resources, and best practices for collecting and safeguarding Elders’ voices and cultural knowledge.

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Designing Learning for a Changing Workplace


In this short micro-credential, performance and learning professionals will build on their existing skills and experience to meet the changing industry needs. They will learn to design and develop programs that align with the necessities of a hybrid workforce and support employees to improve their job performance.

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Marketing Communication


The Micro-certificate in Marketing Communication will introduce learners to marketing theory and practices, communication planning and social media communications.


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Business Finance


The Micro-certificate in Business Finance will provide learners with a solid foundation in accounting principles and practices, forecasting, finance and investing principles for use in small and medium-sized businesses. 


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Wound Care for Clients Experiencing Inequities


Learn to apply the latest best practices in wound management in a context of harm reduction and trauma-informed care for clients experiencing inequities, including individuals living in high-risk environments, experiencing homelessness or using substances. 


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Climate Action Planning


The Climate Action Planning micro-credential (CAP) is a great opportunity to learn the foundations of planning for climate action. You will develop the skills needed for you as a professional to put into action at all government levels.



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