Xwa Lack Tun’s (Rick Harry) carved doors to the Ceremonial Hall in the First Peoples House at the University of Victoria.

Shape the future of intellectual property and Indigenous cultural protection.

Gain a deeper understanding of intellectual property laws, not only federally and provincially but with a focus on Indigenous intellectual property laws, customs and traditions. With a robust and interdisciplinary learning environment, our program integrates a unique perspective on legal principles and concepts. If you want to enrich your legal expertise, this professional development program is the first of its kind to offer a specialized, intersecting approach combining Canadian intellectual property laws with the recognition and protection of Indigenous laws and culture. Immerse yourself in our comprehensive courses and make a positive difference in this dynamic legal field.

Photo Credit: The First Peoples House at the University of Victoria. Pictured: Xwa Lack Tun's (Rick Harry) carved doors to the Ceremonial Hall.

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Program description

Indigenous cultural heritage and intellectual property are complex. Proficiency in both areas is becoming a highly sought-after skill for practicing lawyers and other professionals. Participants in this program will gain new knowledge and skills in copyright, trademark, patents, and designs; the developing field of cultural property in indigenous communities; and the conceptual and practical dimensions of cultural property.

Composed of courses already being offered for credit to the Faculty of Law’s JD and JD/JID students, this non-credit Professional Specialization Certificate (PSC) in Intellectual and Cultural Property Law is designed for individuals seeking professional development opportunities.

The structure of this accelerated summer program will focus on:

  • Federal and provincial laws concerning intellectual property
  • Indigenous intellectual property laws, customs and traditions, along with an analysis of cultural property and heritage—both nationally and internationally

Courses in the PSC Intellectual and Cultural Property Law are accredited and qualify for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit through the Law Society of British Columbia.

Program highlights

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This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve your professional goals in just six weeks.

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Theory and Practice
This program allows you to integrate theory with practice by engaging with fellow legal experts and practicing lawyers. Accredited and CPD credit-compliant, this program meets the Law Society of British Columbia's requirements.

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Teaching Talent
Our instructors are industry professionals with years of experience. They're dedicated to helping you develop the knowledge and skills to realize your full potential.

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The University of Victoria is one of Canada's leading universities, recognized for preparing students for careers in a wide range of disciplines. Upon successful completion of this program you will receive a professional specialization certificate.

Program partners

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This program is offered jointly by the UVic Faculty of Law and the Division of Continuing Studies

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Courses within this program are accredited by the Law Society of British Columbia.

Program outcomes

Learners who complete the Professional Specialization Certificate in Intellectual and Cultural Property Law will be able to demonstrate:

  • a comprehensive understanding of intellectual property rights (IPRs), laws and policies in Canada and, to some extent, other global contexts
  • analytical skills to assess intellectual property issues, laws and policies in both Canadian and international settings
  • an in-depth understanding of Indigenous intellectual property laws and policies, and the scope and nature of cultural property and related rights.

Who is this program for?

The micro-credential program is for professionals who want to differentiate themselves in the legal field and are interested in enhancing their understanding of intellectual and cultural property laws.

If you see yourself reflected in any of the following, this program could be a good match:

  • you value interdisciplinary approaches to legal education
  • you are committed to legal excellence and continuous learning
  • you value inclusivity and recognize the importance of Indigenous laws, customs and traditions in legal practices
  • you want to contribute to the preservation and understanding of cultural property and heritage
  • you want to navigate the complexities and nuances of cultural and intellectual property in both national and international settings

Career options

Some of our learners pursue careers in the following roles:
  1. Legal practitioners
  2. Government employees
  3. Indigenous leaders
  4. Administrative professionals


News and resources

Courses and fees

To successfully complete the Professional Specialization Certificate in Intellectual and Cultural Property Law, participants must successfully complete four of the five core courses below.

The Professional Specialization Certificate in Intellectual and Cultural Property Law is primarily conducted face-to-face, fostering an immersive learning environment. Please note that while the overall program is on campus, one of our courses, LAW366 Patent Law, integrates a weekly online component via Brightspace.

= Courses open for registration

Estimated fees

Description Fee
Program application fee $100.00
Course 1 $1,500.00
Course 2 $1,500.00
Course 3 $1,500.00
Course 4 $1,500.00
Estimated Total $6,100.00*
Fees listed in this section are an estimate. Total program fees may vary depending on delivery format, course selections, student fees, textbooks and taxes.

Application information

Admission requirements

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree from a university recognized by the University of Victoria.
  • Competency in written and spoken English language according to the admissions criteria of the University of Victoria.
  • Two years of professional experience.

How to apply

You can apply to the program on our website by clicking the "apply online" button.

If you would like to register for the full PSC in Intellectual and Cultural Property, there will be an application fee of $100. This fee includes the cost of the certificate, which will be automatically issued and sent to you approximately one month after the completion of your fourth course. When submitting your application form, please be sure to indicate your educational background and professional experience.

Note: there is no application fee for learners who want to take individual courses.

Application dates

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May 2024
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