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Religion, Philosophy and Psychology

Looking for meaning? Look within.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? In a complex world, our Religion, Philosophy and Psychology courses can help you to better understand these big questions. Expand on your own life experience and perspectives as you search for new knowledge and ideas to shape your view of our changing world.

In our religious studies courses, you'll learn about major world religions and contemporary religious issues, emphasizing the need to understand differences between religions in our increasingly inter-connected world.

Whether it's investigating the nature of happiness or the foundations of logic, philosophy asks us to use our powers of reason to answer the most significant questions about our existence.

And our psychology courses aim to address fascinating questions that lie at the heart of human life experiences, like why we do the things we do.


Courses open for registration
Courses open for registration

Deans’ Lecture Series

Research is continually reshaping the way we live and think. Meet distinguished members of the faculties at the University of Victoria and learn about their research interests in these FREE online lectures.
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SAGE Study Groups

Study groups are not taught by instructors; rather, a facilitator assists in coordinating the presentations of group members and in moderating the discussions.
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UVic on the Peninsula

Each term we offer a selection of lectures and short courses in Sidney, most of which take place at the Mary Winspear Centre.
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Philosophically speaking, it's a way of life

with instructor Doug Hutchinson   By Therese Eley, Marketing Services Since his early 20s, Doug Hutchinson has been living a life of philosophy and scholarship.

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The long journey from head to heart

Olav Krigolson is a neuroscientist and UVic professor, and one of our most popular instructors at Continuing Studies. In the four years he's been teaching with us, he's taught 22 courses with over 880 registrations.

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It's time to get serious about leisure

Meet John Meldrum. New to Continuing Studies, John will be teaching his first course with us, More Than Money: Making the Most of Retirement, this fall.

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The bright side of the road

For Elizabeth—or Liz, as she’s known around the office—one of the best parts of her job is meeting those members of the community who consider themselves to be lifelong learners. As a program coordinator within the Division of Continuing Studies’ Arts and Science unit, Liz coordinates the humanities courses, as well as the ever-popular Deans’ Lunchtime Lecture Series.

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Joshua Lambert

As I prepare for graduation and think about my next challenge in graduate studies, I must acknowledge that I would most likely never have attended university had it not been for the Humanities Diploma program.

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