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Lifelong learning is a journey that never ends.

Remember the first time you realized learning could be fun? That it wasn’t just about grades or approval, but the sheer joy of new knowledge? Isn’t it time you felt that way again?

With more than 200 adult education courses to choose from — from visual arts to health, web design to neuroscience, or politics to psychology — Continuing Studies at the University of Victoria can help you rekindle that feeling of fun. It’s a unique opportunity to participate in small classes, big experiences, and with exciting people who share your passion.

Continuing Studies at UVic allows you to open yourself to new perspectives on a wide range of topics. We’ll help you discover the learning experience you’ve always wanted.

Select a topic of interest below or browse through our calendar for a full list of courses being offered this term.

The thing that is so important about coming here is the fulfillment. It’s not until you come [to Continuing Studies] that you realize there’s so much more that’s available.

Linda Beare, lifelong learner

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  • Anthropology, Archaeology and Sociology Topic Image

    Anthropology, Archaeology and Sociology

    Learn about the origins of civilizations, cultures and human behaviours with our Anthropology, Archaeology and Sociology courses.

  • Art History Topic Image

    Art History

    Continuing Studies at UVic offers Art History courses for beginners and professionals alike. Take a course for personal interest, or pursue a post-graduate certificate or diploma in Museum Studies.

  • Science  Topic Image

    Bird Identification and Behaviour

    Our birding courses are designed for naturalists, interpreters and birding enthusiasts. These courses are a great opportunity to discover the pleasures of bird watching and bird identification.

  • Computing and Technology Topic Image

    Computing and Technology

    Our diverse selection of data analytics, computing and technology courses will help you navigate and advance your way through your career. You will learn how to make your workplace more productive, secure and connected.

  • French Topic Image

    French Language

    We offer French language courses and programs for every skill level, from casual beginners to people seeking French language for professional development.

  • Computing and Technology Topic Image

    General Health and Wellness

    If you want to improve your wellbeing by learning about what’s topical in health care, our General Health and Wellness courses are for you.

  • Science  Topic Image

    General Science and Math

    Do you want to upgrade your math and chemistry skills before starting a new degree program? Are you interested in exploring different topics in science? Then our General Math and Science courses could be the right choice for you.

  • History, Topic Image

    History, Political Science and Contemporary Issues

    Our History, Political Science and Contemporary Issues courses will help you make sense of our past and our present, by taking a look at history, politics, demographics, cultural perspectives and more.

  • Horticulture  Topic Image

    Horticulture and Nature Tours

    Immerse yourself in nature with our Horticulture and Nature Tours. Learn about horticultural practices for the garden, nursery and greenhouse, or explore the wonders of Vancouver Island on one of our nature tours.

  • Marine Science  Topic Image

    Marine Science

    If you love the ocean and care about its health, our courses in Marine Science will help you to study life under the water. Learn about the local marine life of coastal BC, the impacts of human activity on our oceans, and more.

  • Art History Topic Image


    The music appreciation courses offered through Continuing Studies at UVic can help you delve deeper into the world of music. Learn to sing and read music, or explore different musical genres, from classical and opera to jazz and contemporary styles.

  • Photography Topic Image


    Learn to be a better photographer with our photography courses, with topics ranging from landscape and travel photography, to documentary and portrait photography. Get a better understanding of lighting and photo manipulation skills, photo editing, and more.

  • Religion Topic Image

    Religion, Philosophy and Psychology

    Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? In a complex world, our Religion, Philosophy and Psychology courses can help you to better understand these big questions.

  • Sustainability Topic Image


    From seed saving to rainwater harvesting, our courses and programs in Sustainability will equip you with the tools and knowledge to make a difference in our environment.

  • Theatre Topic Image


    Our Visual Arts courses are fun, informative and—best of all—hands-on. Explore courses in drawing, painting, collage, calligraphy, print-making, and more.

  • Travel Tours Topic Image

    Travel Tours

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to cancel our tours for 2020, as well as those we'd planned for 2021. We hope to begin offering our tours again once it becomes safe to do so.

  • Visual Arts Topic Image

    Visual Arts

    Our Visual Arts courses are fun, informative and—best of all—hands-on. Explore courses in drawing, painting, collage, calligraphy, print-making, and more.

  • World Languages  Topic Image

    World Languages

    We offer language courses for every level, from beginner to advanced. Learn French, Spanish, Mandarin, Chinese, German, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Korean and more...

  • Writing and Literature Topic Image

    Writing and Literature

    Explore courses in memoir and travel writing, writing for children and teens, poetry and short fiction, screenwriting, journalism and more. Learn from professional, well-respected authors who will help you to hone your skills and become a better writer.