General Science and Math

Upgrade your skills and expand your perspective.

From astronomy and physics to math and chemistry, we’ve got you covered. We offer different general science courses each term, and in partnership with the Faculty of Science we also offer two preparatory courses in the areas of chemistry and math.

Introduction to Chemistry

Introduction to Chemistry is an online tutorial designed to prepare you for entry into a university-level introductory chemistry course. If you haven't taken Chemistry 12, you may be able to use this course to fulfill that prerequisite. This course is available every summer and fall.

Mathematical Skills

Are you missing the academic requirements for first-year math courses? Are you worried your math skills are rusty? Maybe fractions, ratios, geometry, trigonometry, exponents, graphing functions and equations were never your favourite things? No matter the reason, Mathematical Skills will help get you up to speed. This course is offered on campus every spring and fall.

Loraine Ferreira, Program Assistant
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