Appreciate music on a deeper level.

Music is everywhere: we hear it when we're driving, shopping, dining in a restaurant or watching TV. Music is a part of life. But just under the surface of your favourite song, there's a wealth of technique and story. The music appreciation courses offered through Continuing Studies at UVic can help you delve deeper into the world of music, to uncover the vibrant world of sound.

In our music courses, you can: 

  • learn to sing (by yourself or as part of a choir)
  • learn to read music
  • explore different musical genres for your own enjoyment, from classical and opera to jazz and heavy metal

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It’s About Both the Journey AND the Destination

For an avid traveler, the thought of finding a job that allows you to help others fall in love with travel, sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it? Well this is exactly what Janet gets to do every day at the office. Now, while the idea of traveling is one most people fantasize about, don’t forget there’s a heck of a lot of hard work involved.

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Nan Walmsley

"Nan"Walmsley celebrates her 90th birthday this year but shows no sign of slowing down in her quest to learn new things. Since fall 1998, she has taken around 165 courses through Continuing Studies.

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