Visual Arts

See the world from a different perspective.

We are what we see: art helps us see things in different ways. Communicating through colour, shape and form can awaken the imagination and opens the doors of perception. If you love seeing the world from different perspectives, then Continuing Studies visual arts courses are the place for you.

Visual arts courses

From beginner level to advanced, our courses help you learn and practice your skills, and express your view of the world. Our visual arts courses are fun, informative and—best of all—hands-on. Learn to create art using different media and techniques, including:

  • drawing and sketching
  • watercolour painting
  • mixed media and collage
  • calligraphy
  • mark-making
  • three-dimensional forms, sculpture

Some art courses have extra fees for materials: please see the individual course pages for more information.

In Remembrance: Nan Walmsley

We are sad to announce the passing of one of our most committed students, Nan Walmsley. Nan passed away peacefully at home, Sept. 13, surrounded by her family. She lived 97 fulfilling years.

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Why the Early Bird Gets the Worm (and lives past 100!)

After nearly a decade working for Continuing Studies at UVic, it goes without saying that Preston Randall is an integral part of the team. He knows the division’s systems, people and workflows like the back of his hand.

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It’s About Both the Journey AND the Destination

For an avid traveler, the thought of finding a job that allows you to help others fall in love with travel, sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it? Well this is exactly what Janet gets to do every day at the office. Now, while the idea of traveling is one most people fantasize about, don’t forget there’s a heck of a lot of hard work involved.

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Following Your Joy

When you love what you’re doing, balancing a career, family and school is easy. At least according to Kristin Wiens, who started her first class with Continuing Studies as a single mother of two pursuing a Diploma in Intercultural Education, while concurrently completing a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics at UVic.

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Full Throttle through the Arts

John Lucas describes himself as “an actor who happens to sing and dance.” Having had one foot in theatre and the other in academia all his life has made him feel like “the illegitimate offspring of Northrop Frye and Daffy Duck,”

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