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Workplace Learning

As a facilitator, the level of your audience's engagement is important when teaching in a classroom or workplace. It's satisfying to see someone grasp a new concept, idea or skill, and to know you played a role in achieving that. In these courses, you will gain confidence and creativity through learning how to design and instruct adult learners or workplace staff. As you strengthen your communication skills, you will learn how to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and life experiences. By using different theories and concepts, you will discover key coaching and training strategies to become a more effective mentor.

Workplace Learning programs

We offer the Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (CACE). In this program, you will learn and master how to teach a curriculum for adult students. You will gain valuable instructional techniques and learn how to design a learning environment that promotes creativity and collaboration. Your CACE certification also counts towards the work experience requirement for membership in the Institute for Performance and Learning.

We also offer the newly launched micro-credential: Designing Learning in a Hybrid Workplace. The workplace is changing, and many businesses are realizing the future of work is hybrid. Training employees in this new environment requires a new set of skills. In this online program, you will gain the necessary skills to effectively design and deliver training for a hybrid workplace through a series of three short, self-paced and stackable courses.

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Workplace Learning courses

Most courses under this topic can be taken individually or as part of the CACE program.


Courses open for registration

Adult and Continuing Education

Become a certified training and development professional. Gain confidence as an instructor, group facilitator and curriculum developer in adult education. Entirely online and accredited by The Canadian Institute for Performance and Learning.
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Designing Learning in a Hybrid Workplace

In this new online micro-credential program, you will gain the necessary skills to effectively design and deliver training for a hybrid workplace through a series of three short, self-paced and stackable courses.
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General Studies

This flexible certificate program allows you to customize a course of study to meet your specific learning goals.
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Intercultural Studies and Practice

The Diploma in Intercultural Studies and Practice (ISP) prepares students to play a productive and socially responsible role in an increasingly multicultural and diverse world. The program aims to develop social responsibility and a clearer understanding and awareness of the complex issues at play in a multicultural society.
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Organizational Preparedness and Adaptability

A six-week online program to help you become more proactive, rather than reactive, and to prepare your organization to withstand any crisis.
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A full circle education

From student to teacher to programming administrator, and now back to student, Susana Inés Torres Herrera's experiences in the education world have come full circle. It’s no surprise that Susy works in education as she’s been surrounded by it her whole life.

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Leaning into the discomfort

Instructor Colleen Kawaliak talks about going against the grain and how the adult education model brought her to the career she enjoys today.

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New Program: Certificate in General Studies

Have you ever wanted to design your own credential? Have you ever struggled to find a program that meets your specific interests and needs? Then you might be interested in our newest program: the Certificate in General Studies.

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