Bird Identification and Behaviour

Discover the pleasures of bird watching.

Vancouver Island is an excellent place for bird watching. Our birding courses are designed for naturalists, interpreters and birding enthusiasts interested in the behaviour of birds. Some of the birds you will learn about include: 

  • waterbirds: geese, swans, ducks, gulls, terns
  • marine birds: procellariiformes, alcids, shorebirds, loons, grebes, cormorants
  • songbirds: warblers, sparrows, finches, chickadees

Through a combination of in-class lectures and outdoor field trips, you'll learn how to locate and identify birds, and discover fascinating secrets about how they live and feed. The focus is on the unique biology and behaviour of birds encountered on Vancouver Island. 


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Peninsula Pursuits

Peninsula Pursuits is back for 2022.
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Discovery: it's in our nature

with instructor James Clowater   By Therese Eley, Marketing Services We all grew up with nature shows showing animals from Africa and other countries, but so little do people realise what’s right here," says James C

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Managing urban lighting may help migrating birds

More than half of all North American bird species are migrants, moving seasonally between their breeding and wintering grounds. In his final research project for the RNS program, Andrew Elves analyzed how artificial light in Beacon Hill Park exacerbates habitat fragmentation, interfering with the circadian rhythms of migratory birds.

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