Heritage Studies

Preserve the past, influence the present.

Heritage studies explores the tangible and intangible history of cultures.

Our heritage courses and programs provide skills and knowledge you need to enhance your career by exploring a diverse range of heritage topics from historic building fabric to the intangible practices of traditional communities.

 You will learn about:

  • preservation, repair and conservation of built heritage
  • conservation of historic urban and rural areas and cultural landscapes
  • principles and practices of conservation planning and decision-making
  • practical conservation of materials such as wood, masonry, and brick
  • intangible cultural heritage topics, policies, and best practices

Whether your interests lie in heritage planning, conservation or other cultural heritage roles, these courses and programs will give you a solid understanding of the significance of cultural heritage and apply that to your current or future work in the field.

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Courses open for registration

Courses open for registration

Certificate in Aboriginal Language Revitalization

Core coursework, combined with flexible elective offerings, enables individuals concerned with language loss, maintenance, and recovery to develop both knowledge and practical strategies for language revitalization activities across British Columbia and beyond.
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Certificate in General Studies

This new flexible certificate allows you to create your own program by choosing courses from the wide range of diploma and certificate programs offered in the Division of Continuing Studies. You can customize a course of study to meet your specific learning needs and objectives.
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Diploma in Cultural Resource Management

The Diploma in Cultural Resource Management provides practical, theoretical and management-based professional training in the fields of museum studies and heritage conservation. The program is designed with working professionals in mind to allow maximum flexibility and accessibility.
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Graduate Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Studies

The Graduate Professional Certificate (GPC) in Cultural Heritage Studies provides advanced learning for emerging and mid-career individuals involved with a range of cultural heritage fields. The program will strengthen your understanding of cultural heritage and community engagement, and build knowledge of professional practice and values necessary to keep pace in today’s rapidly changing context.
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Professional Specialization Certificate in Collections Management

If you are a museum professional seeking new approaches to your work or looking to upgrade your skills, take advantage of our innovative, flexible programming that will suit your professional development needs and your busy schedule.
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New Program: Certificate in General Studies

Have you ever wanted to design your own credential? Have you ever struggled to find a program that meets your specific interests and needs? Then you might be interested in our newest program: the Certificate in General Studies.

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Academic Advisor Profile: Dr. Carolyn Butler Palmer

Dr. Carolyn Butler Palmer is the Cultural Resource Management Academic Program Advisor and works closely with the program and the Department of Art History and Visual Studies at the University of Victoria.

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Pedro Viegas

Having worked for Natural History research and museological institutions for several years, the CRMP course was very effective in "forcing" myself into taking time from work and read some of the books in the to-read list that usually I wouldn't have time to.

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Amy Cubberly

The CRMP program has provided me with much more confidence when approaching new challenges at my job. I find that I frequently refer back to what I learned when facing daily challenges such as how to properly store a specific artifact or how to approach another organization about a proposed partnership project.

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Donald Loucks

As a “mature” student during the Cultural Management course, I continued to work as a senior associate, architect, urban designer and heritage planner with a large multi-discipline firm. During the four years of study I worked on a re-purposing of a portion of the 1929, CPR, John Street Roundhouse for an underground hydro transformer station. I have been involved with adaptive reuse and conservation of this National Historic Site since 1995.

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Heather Engelbert

I start my day in the artifact holding area finding the next artifact that needs cataloguing and then doing some research to find out more about it. While I do most of my research online, I never underestimate the power of our internal research library. Amongst many other treasures, our library has a fantastic collection of mail order catalogues from Eaton's Headquarters - endlessly useful when determining dates with a largely 20th century collection.

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Student Corner: March 2014

March 2014 internship students Diane Budden Learning Assistant Intern with Learning Department of the Mary Rose Trust, Portsmouth, UK.

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Bryan Smith

Though I had worked at a museum previous to my current position, in some cases it was great to get some reinforcement on what I was already doing, and in other cases the program provided totally new approaches and skills that I have found essential in my new role.

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Caprice Harper

I think that the GPC certificate has made me an even more well-rounded cultural resources specialist. My master's degree was geared towards prehistoric archaeology. As I moved forward in my professional career in the Cultural Resources Management field, it became apparent that one should also know about cultural resources that are above ground, and also ones that are from the historic period.

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Graham Gidden and Michele Sirett

These courses have reinforced my desire to learn, helped me understand the importance of culture and given me the tools to better articulate this importance. I definitely see my work and projects through a different lens.

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