ELC Experts

Our ELC Experts were once like you: full of questions about what it’s like to live in Victoria and study at the ELC! They understand how it feels to be both excited and nervous about travelling to a new place. And they want to help!

As students who have recently completed at least one ELC program, these international volunteers are ready to share their experience with you. Email them directly with your questions about the ELC, Victoria or Canada!

View ELC experts from:

Tina Huang

Meet Tina

Jessica Bonfá

Meet Jessica

Moe Tsutsumida

Meet Moe

Gabriela Aikawa

Meet Gabriela

Norha Villegas

Meet Norha

Lucis Yanqing Li

Meet Lucis

Viktoriia Alekiseieva

Meet Viktoriia

Quezia Brito

Meet Quezia

Pedro Fiúza Neto

Meet Pedro

Andres Mendoza Romo

Meet Andres

Milton Lira Santos

Meet Milton

Sophia Chiu

Meet Sophia

Ayano Moriguchi

Meet Ayano

Olena Marina Marun

Meet Olena

Mariana Monteiro

Meet Mariana

Mariana Aguilar

Meet Mariana

Isabela Jordão de Camargo

Meet Isabela

Adriana Castiblanco

Meet Adriana

Thais de Assis Azevedo

Meet Thais

Are you an ELC Alumni? Email us to become an ELC Expert and share your experience with new students!