Population Health Data Analysis

Make an impact on public health.

We all want to be (and stay) healthy: we want to maintain a healthy environment, healthy people and healthy communities. The study of population health data helps us do this. There's a need for trained professionals who:

  • understand the intricacies of population health data
  • have the tools to accurately examine, analyze and test health data
  • realize the importance of this work in both informing and advancing positive health outcomes within our society

It is these needs that population health data analysis addresses.

Certificate in Population Health Data Analysis (PHDA)

This one-of-a-kind certificate, offered in partnership with Population Data BC and the UVic Department of Geography, fills a gap in the present training needs for those working in the field of epidemiology, population health and statistical analysis.

The four-course, online certificate program will give you strong foundational knowledge and data analysis skills to support your work within the health and social services sector.

Each course combines theory with practice by:

  • introducing relevant analytical approaches
  • addressing their strengths and limitations
  • providing you with the knowledge and evaluative tools to discern how best to apply them in practice

The courses are structured in a way that helps you gain an understanding of data requirements, data formats and the appropriate choice of analytic methods.

Free webinar

Join us March 14th or April 12th for a free 30-minute webinar where we will introduce you to our online Population Health Data Analysis (PHDA) professional specialization certificate program.

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You can take up to two PHDA courses for professional development, before applying to the program.

Courses open for registration

General Studies

This new flexible certificate allows you to create your own program by choosing courses from the wide range of diploma and certificate programs offered in the Division of Continuing Studies. You can customize a course of study to meet your specific learning needs and objectives.
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Population Health Data Analysis

This non-credit professional specialization certificate program is designed to meet the needs of professionals in population and public health (and related social science disciplines) including analysts, policy makers and researchers who are seeking education and professional development in advanced population health analysis. The goal of the program is to provide participants with strong foundational knowledge and data analysis skills that can support their work within the field of population health.
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What is PHDA and is it right for you?

The Professional Specialization Certificate in Population Health Data Analysis (PHDA), offered in partnership with Population Data BC and the University of Victoria, Department of Geography, will give you the skills and knowledge you need to get ahea

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Teaching Without Borders

We live in a world where, thanks to the Internet, geographic location is no longer a restriction to accessing quality higher education. The trend towards online learning has been growing steadily in recent years and is opening up opportunities for professional development and lifelong learning to many people who might otherwise not have access to it.

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Short Term Training to Reach Your Long Term Career Goals

You’ve achieved success in your academic degree and launched your career. Short term, professional specialized training offers the theory and the practice that you need to move your career goals forward.

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Using GIS to study health care services and utilization––from local to national

By Anders Erickson, Instructor Access to timely and quality health care is an important determinant of health and well-being.

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Planning a research project: What you need to know

Planning a research project has many key components, from formulating a research question and reviewing available data sources to preparing and analyzing the data. Making your way successfully through this process requires the knowledge and skill to ask the right questions and apply the appropriate statistical or analytic techniques. Many individuals working in the area of population and public health, know they cannot rely on a static set of skills to support the challenges of this work.  

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How to tell if your project is making a difference

Have you ever wanted to evaluate a program or project but didn’t know where to start? In an era of accountability it can be overwhelming to know how best to evaluate and demonstrate the value of your work.  Do you know if your service is delivering quality care? Are you reaching the intended clients and meeting their needs?  Have you been making the best use of your investments?  Like you, there are many individuals working in the area of population and public health who need up-to-date skills in sound monitoring and evaluation practices to answer these and other important questions. 

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PHDA News: Government invests in research to improve health care in BC

Ministers announce major research investment to improve health care for patients in BC The Honourable Jane Philpott, Canada’s Minister of Health, and Terry Lake, British Columbia’s Minister of Health have announced a major investm

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PHDA: Building your Data Analysis Toolkit

In today’s world, the rapid expansion of big data, data networks, and related apps is changing the way we view and think about our society...

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Find your Happy Place...

When does a space become a place? There are a myriad of small open spaces and buildings throughout towns and cities across Canada that offer places for play, walking, social gathering, and contemplation that are not official parks or community centers: boulevard gardens, empty lots turned dog walking spot, or commercial store front used as a gathering space after hours. These are but a few examples of how space becomes place in the context of local residents and the type of information Statistics Canada is trying to gather in its newly launched crowd-sourcing initiative.

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New Program: Certificate in General Studies

Have you ever wanted to design your own credential? Have you ever struggled to find a program that meets your specific interests and needs? Then you might be interested in our newest program: the Certificate in General Studies.

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Summer 2016 Courses

Looking to learn something new this summer? Look no further than Continuing Studies at UVic.

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Brent Parker

I learned about the PHDA program while pursuing work at the BC Cancer Agency. It was good timing, as I wasn’t sure about my professional development plans for that year.

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