Help revitalize our languages for future generations.

The Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR) program provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to develop practical strategies for local language revitalization initiatives that are responsive to the unique needs of each Indigenous nation and organization partnered with. CILR provides hands-on learning opportunities that are rooted in traditional knowledge and practices that are accessible to all students. The program is offered nationally through community-based partnerships.

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Program description

The award-winning and accessible Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization is offered by the University of Victoria's Department of Linguistics and the Division of Continuing Studies, in partnership with the En'owkin Centre.

The goal of the certificate program is to develop understanding of the complex dynamics of language loss, maintenance, and recovery while also providing practical strategies for work in Indigenous communities to preserve and revitalize threatened languages. This program is designed to honour traditional knowledge and practices, to recognize and accommodate the realities and needs of diverse communities, and to provide a foundation for both language revitalization activities and for further study in linguistics, education, and/or cultural resource management.

The certificate is offered primarily in partnership with Indigenous nations, communities, organizations and the program can be offered in partnership with colleges. An occasional course is offered on campus. Core coursework, combined with flexible elective offerings, enables individuals concerned with language loss, maintenance, and revitalization to develop both knowledge and practical strategies for language revitalization activities.

Program participants include individuals working with Indigenous communities in the revitalization and teaching of Indigenous languages, or with agencies involved in the development and delivery of language and cultural revitalization policies and programs. In partnership, the courses can be offered in flexible delivery options as a full certificate or as individual courses.

Past participants have included students from diverse geographic regions who learn from one another as well as from experienced instructors and resource people.

Program features

The CILR program offers:

  • Accessibility via a partnership model that delivers the program in Indigenous communities
  • Flexible delivery options designed to suit partners needs
  • A respected university credential upon program completion
  • Course credits that can be applied towards a diploma or degree

Program partners

Faculty of Humanities, Department of Linguistics

En'owkin Centre logo

As well as partnering with various communities.

Who is this program for?

CILR serves students who have an interest in working with communities in order to revitalize languages.

Career options

Some of our learners pursue careers in the following roles:
  • Local government- Language and Culture
  • Language programs assistant
  • Language documentation
  • Language revitalization project worker
  • Language teacher assistant



Additional program information

Courses and fees

Participants in the certificate program in Indigenous Language Revitalization must complete five core courses (7.5 units) and three elective courses (4.5 units).

CILR electives are chosen based on partner participant interest. If you are taking the program in a community cohort, electives will be taken together and are usually tailored to the community context, language and needs. 


Estimated fees

Please contact us to discuss fees.

Application information

How to apply

Currently CILR does not take applications from individual applications, however, is generating an interest list in envisioning possible other delivery models. Contact via email at cilr@uvic.caif you are an individual student with questions about CILR. CILR is continuing to take new partnerships with Indigenous nations to deliver the program in a community. Contact us by email if you are a representative of an Indigenous Nation or college interested in partnering with UVic to deliver CILR in your area.

Potential partnerships to deliver CILR with Indigenous Nations and additional partners is ongoing.

CILR Award

Continuing Studies at UVic offers the Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR) Award. The award was made possible through the generosity of anonymous donors and will contribute to ensuring the CILR program is accessible to more learners to support their educational path and the language revitalization needs of their community. How to apply to the CILR Award.

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