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The long-term success of a business lies in its marketing. Developing smart advertising strategies is what increases customer engagement and directs consumers to your service or product. Making valuable professional connections with customers and knowing how to handle various consumer behaviours will help guide you on the road to success. Using digital marketing skills and keeping up with social media trends can also give you a leg up. In these courses, you’ll learn how to organize marketing and communication plans to reach your target audience and make your organization stand out. 

Marketing programs

The Professional Development Certificate in Marketing Communication Essentials is currently in development and will be launching soon. In this program, you will learn the building blocks of what constitutes good marketing messaging, and you will develop strong communication and decision-making skills. Join our email lists, and we will notify you when registration opens. 

Marketing courses

Take the Marketing course to gain a solid foundation in marketing and to learn how it can help a business grow, or take the Social Media Marketing course to get a deeper understanding on how digital technologies can help your marketing efforts. If you’re looking to apply marketing knowledge to an international market, we also offer International Marketing.

Most courses under this topic can be taken individually or can be applied to the certificate or diploma in Business Administration. 


Courses open for registration

Business Administration – Certificate

The Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) is a flexible 13-week program designed to fit the needs of mid-career professionals, full-time employees and people looking for professional development. Learn about business administration, marketing, technology and more.
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Business Administration – Diploma

The Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) is a comprehensive business administration program designed to give you the practical knowledge and skills required for professional success. You'll learn business administration, business writing, management computing, financial accounting, marketing, small business management, international business and more.
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Business Communication

Effective communication skills can help you go places. This versatile program provides practical information and easily applied strategies to help you become a confident communicator in any industry.
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Web Development Bootcamp

In as little as 12 or 30 weeks, the Web Development Bootcamp and the Web Development Flex Program give you the fundamental knowledge, real-world experience, and critical skills you need to start a rewarding career as a full-stack developer.
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Continuing Studies at UVic joins forces with Lighthouse Labs, helping students flourish in tech workforce

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The bright side of the digital world

The thought of pursuing digital communication stood out to instructor Liz Pittman like a rainbow glowing in the sky after a heavy rainfall. Social media can be a great community building tool, she says.

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