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This specialized first year of your undergraduate degree is the perfect option if you want to start your UVic degree but still need to meet UVic's English language requirement.

  • Choose from 2 streams: "Canadian Career" (includes pre-Business) or "Science and Engineering"
  • 10.5 UVic credits (12 units = complete first year)
  • UVic instructors, curriculum and materials

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Program description

UVic Pathway is a specialized first-year university program that combines degree courses with advanced academic English classes. The Pathway Program is delivered by the UVic English Language Centre (ELC) in collaboration with the faculties of Social Sciences, Science and Engineering. You can look forward to a challenging, supported first year of university that will put you on the path to success in your UVic degree program.

After successful completion of the Pathway Program, you will have earned almost all of your required first-year academic credits. You will continue in the second year of your chosen degree program at UVic and continue with your UVic degree in one of the following ways:

Pathways Program Timeline

Program options

Pathway stream: Canadian career Science and engineering
Suitable for students who: Want to explore Social Sciences subjects while gaining practical experience to help get their careers off to a strong start after graduation. Want to focus on foundational first-year courses in order to pursue specific careers in Science and/or Engineering.
Courses offered: Canadian Studies, Economics, English, Math, Social Sciences Canadian Studies, English, Math, Physics
Types of degrees:

BA or BSc in 7 disciplines: Anthropology, Economics, Environmental Studies, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

BComm from the UVic Gustavson School of Business

BSc in 9 disciplines: Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Ocean Sciences, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics

BEng in 7 disciplines: Computer Science, Biomedical/Civil/Computer/ Electrical/Mechanical/ Software Engineering

Career development opportunities

No matter your UVic degree, business knowledge and professional communication skills enhance employability in any field. UVic’s Gustavson School of Business and the Faculty of Humanities offer the following programs to give a competitive edge to your degree:

At UVic, co-op—also known as co-operative education—helps you make sure your dream job is a good fit + gain real-world experience while you're still a student. As a co-op student, you'll alternate terms in class with terms working in paid positions with real employers.

If you've come from outside Canada to study at UVic, we can help you search for work and gain experience. Take part in our programs and services and access international student resources.

Program features

  • Full-time, 12-month program
  • 2 program streams: Canadian Career (includes pre-Business) or Science and Engineering
  • 7 first-year degree courses = 10.5 units of credit
  • UVic curriculum and instructors
  • Academic support through labs and tutorials
  • Smaller first-year classes
  • Specialized workshops

English Language Centre (ELC) at a glance

Infographic of ELC at a glance

Be part of the UVic community

As a Pathway student, you’ll enjoy access to all UVic facilities and services, including:

  • World-class athletic and recreation centre (CARSA) + 30 sport clubs
  • 200 student clubs and 40 course unions
  • The UVic library, International Commons and computing facilities
  • The Student Wellness Centre
  • The Centre for Academic Communication
  • The Math & Stats Assistance Centre

University of Victoria (UVic) at a glance

Infographic of UVic at a glance

Who is this program for?

Level: High Beginner to University Preparation

News and resources

Courses and fees

Academic session Dates UVic degree courses English language courses

Winter Session


Sept-Dec 2023

Degree course 1, 1.5 units Academic English (ELPI 490)

Jan-April 2024

Degree course 2, 1.5 units

Academic English (ELPI 570)

Summer Session

April-May 2024

Degree course 3 (Canadian Studies),  1.5 units

University Admission Preparation (UAP)

May-June 2024

Degree course 4, 1.5 units

Degree course 5, 1.5 units

English Tutoring Support

July –Aug 2024

Degree course 6, 1.5 units

Degree course 7, 1.5 units

English Tutoring Support

NOTE: UVic awards “units” of academic credit to completed courses; a one-term course typically has 1.5 credit units.

Program completion

Upon successful completion of the winter and summer sessions, you will have completed 10.5 units of university-level course work. To qualify for continued academic study at UVic, you must pass UAP and Canadian Studies and maintain good academic standing.

Pathways statistics

Estimated fees per program

Fees due upon application Fee Notes
Application fee $325.00 The program deposit is part of tuition, not an additional cost.
Homestay application fee (if applicable): $300.00
Program deposit $1,000.00
Tuition fees Fee Notes
Balance of tuition ($36,405 - $1000) $35,405.00 Tuition includes all degree and English courses, English tutors, gym membership, extended health and dental insurance and a 12-month bus pass.
Accommodation and meals Fee Notes
$1260 per month; $42 per additional night. $15,120.00 You may also choose housing on UVic campus instead of Homestay. Visit for more info.
Total: $52,150.00

Application information

Admission requirements

To qualify for the Pathway Program, students must meet UVic’s academic requirements. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. For specific international admission requirements, visit UVic's admissions.  

English language proficiency requirement
There are several ways students can satisfy the English Language Proficiency Requirement, including:

  • CAEL 50 with no section less than 40
  • IELTS 5.5 with no section less than 5.0 
  • TOEFL 71 with no section less than 15
  • Passing grade for level 410 in the Intensive English (ELPI) Program

International Students coming from a Canadian curriculum high school:
International students attending high school in a Canadian curriculum whose first language is not English may apply to the Pathway Program, if they completed Grade 12 English Studies (or its equivalent) with a grade of 50% or higher. In addition, students must satisfy UVic’s English Language Proficiency Requirement (ENPR) and academic requirements stated above.

How to apply

For application information, please click the Apply Now button.

Application dates

Starting in
September 2023
Accepting Applications
Apply by

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