If you are represented by an agent or university, please make sure to register through them.

To apply to an ELC English program, please note the steps below and go to the Apply Now link at the bottom. 

Please note: You must complete and submit the full application in one session. Applications that are not fully completed and submitted in one session will not be saved and will require you to re-enter your information again. 

University Pathway Program: Visit the Pathway Program page

Admission requirements

You must:

  • be 18 or older by the program start date
  • meet Canadian Visa requirements
  • buy medical insurance for the duration of the program
  • read, understand and follow all program guidelines
  • understand the refund policy
  • have a basic knowledge of English and complete the ELC's online test

Application steps


Pay application fees and deposit(s)

Pay the following non-refundable fees:

a) CAD $150 application fee

  • If you apply for more than one program at the same time, you only pay the CAD$150 application fee once.

b) CAD $350 deposit per program

  • This deposit is part of the tuition fee, not an additional cost.  
  • The deposit is required per program. For example: if you apply to two programs, you will need to pay CAD $700.  If you apply to three programs, your deposit will be CAD $1050.

c) CAD $300 UVic Homestay fee (if applicable)

  • Check the accommodation options on the application form to see if Homestay is available for your program.
  • Include a completed Homestay Application Form (from Step 1 above).

Important: application does not guarantee admission. Apply for programs early to make sure you get a spot.

Once we receive the application form and fees, you will be sent a Letter of Acceptance.  Please wait for your Letter of Acceptance before organizing travel.


Apply for the appropriate visa (if applicable)

Contact the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country to see if you need a Study Permit or Temporary Resident Visa. To find a visa office, visit the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada website.


Pay the remaining tuition fees five weeks before the start of your program

Pay the remaining program fees and student services fees five weeks before the start of your program.  You will be sent a reminder by email from our registration department. You cannot start class until these fees have been paid.