Age policy

Students should be 18 years or older by the start date of their ELC program.

Language level

ELC students must have a basic knowledge of English and successfully complete the ELC’s online test.

Students in all programs complete a placement test on the first day of their program which determines their class level for the duration of the program.  In the case of a significant discrepancy between students' observed English language performance and their results on the Proficiency Test, the ELC reserves the right to require additional evaluation.

Please note: Students must attend the placement tests on the first day of the program.  Any student arriving after the program start date cannot be guaranteed placement in their program.  If classes are full and a student cannot be placed, he/she will be transferred to the next available program. 

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend and participate in ELC classes and activities.  Students who miss 20% or more of their program will not receive a Certificate of Participation or Record of Grade.

Program change/cancellation policy

  • The English Language Centre reserves the right to make changes in fees, schedules, and programs without notice. Programs may be cancelled if there are not enough students enrolled in the class.
  • If a program is cancelled or rescheduled, the English Language Centre will refund the program fee or transfer the fees to another program.
  • The English Language Centre reserves the right to establish special regulations for admission to non-degree programs.

Refund and transfer policies

  • The application fee, deposits and Homestay application fee are non-refundable.
  • No refund of tuition is possible after the program start date.
  • Tuition is refundable, less application fees and deposit(s), for registrations cancelled before the program start date.
  • There will be a $250 charge for dormitory accommodation cancelled one week prior to the program start date.
  • If the Canadian Embassy rejects your visa application, we will refund tuition (if applicable), the CAD $350 deposit and CAD $250 Homestay application fee, minus courier charges. You must inform us before the program starts. Copies of documentation from the Embassy will be required.
  • If your visa is denied and you wish to transfer your CAD $350 deposit to a future program, a CAD $100 transfer fee is charged per program. You must notify us of cancellation or transfer in writing before the program starts. You have one month from the date of cancellation to transfer to another full-time program.  You must begin your studies within 1 year.
  • Students are only permitted to transfer to future programs once. If your visa is denied a second time and you wish to register for a future program, you will need to submit a new application with another deposit and application fee.
  • Students already in Canada cannot transfer fees between programs unless there is an emergency situation where students must return home. In these cases, students must provide the English Language Centre with a doctor’s note and proof of a return air ticket to their home country in order to transfer fees to a future program. There is an additional $100 transfer fee, and the Director of the ELC must approve the transfer.
  • Students may receive a partial refund if they produce a doctor’s note stating they are too ill to continue studying for the remainder of the program.

Late payment

There is an additional late payment charge of CAD $100 if fees are not received at least one month prior to the program start date.

Student conduct

Students are expected to:

  • be punctual
  • attend and participate in classes and social/cultural activities
  • speak English at all times
  • behave responsibly, and follow the regulations of the University of Victoria

We reserve the right to deny admission and to refuse re-admission to students who do not fulfill the above conditions.

Working with Agent Representatives

International agents provide valuable student recruitment and support services for the UVic English Language Centre.  We carefully screen and train these representatives, however students should be aware of the following:

  • An agent's services are not required in order to apply to ELC programs.  Students are welcome to send inquiries and applications directly to the English Language Centre.  
  • ELC agents are only authorized to recruit for English Language programs and select UVic Continuing Studies programs.
  • The UVic English Language Centre cannot take responsibility for any errors, omissions or other failures of any agent.
  • Students may discontinue their agent relationship at their own discretion, by written request to the ELC registration staff.

Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy Act

The relevant law for all matters concerning programs shall be the law of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. The English Language Centre collects personal information on its form pursuant to the University act, RSBC 1996, c.468 and section 26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information you provide is used for the purposes of admission, registration and other decisions relating to your program. For details on how the information is used, contact the English Language Centre or read UVic Policy 4400, Access to Student Records.