Class Placement and Grade Appeals

Class / Level Placement

Students in all programs complete a placement test on the first day of their program which determines their class level for the duration of the program.  In the case of a significant discrepancy between students' observed English language performance and their results on the Proficiency Test, the ELC reserves the right to require additional evaluation.

Students must attend the placement tests on the first day of the program.  Any student arriving after the program start date cannot be guaranteed placement in their program.  If classes are full and a student cannot be placed, he/she will be transferred to the next available program. 

Grade Appeals

Students who believe they have been graded unfairly should first discuss this with their teacher. Before requesting a formal review of a final grade, they should make every reasonable effort to discuss the assigned grade with the teacher. 

If such discussion fails to resolve the concern or where more challenging circumstances exist, the student should contact the ELC Director.

Reviews of final grades are processed as follows:

  • The student sends a written statement as to why they believe the grade should be changed to the program office within 21 days of receiving the grade.  A $25 grade review fee must also be submitted.

  • Students should keep all written work returned to them by the teacher during their program and provide any work that forms part of the grade under review

Wherever possible, every effort will be made to complete the review within 21 days of receipt of the application for review.

The ELC Director will manage the appeal process, which may include discussion with the class teacher(s), a review by an external content specialist and/or a review of all written work assigned in the class.

The grade determined by means of a review will be recorded as the final official grade, regardless of whether it is the same as, or higher or lower than, the original grade.

The decision of the ELC Director is considered final, subject to an appeal to the Dean of Continuing Studies.