• The $150 program application fee, $300 homestay application fee and $350 per program deposit(s) are non-refundable
  • No refund of tuition is possible after the program start date.

Prior to starting your program, if your visa application is denied by the Canadian Embassy, we can refund the $350 deposit, tuition (if applicable) and the $300 Homestay fee.

To receive a refund, students must inform the ELC before the program starts and provide Canadian Embassy documentation.

During the ELC program, in the case of extreme illness, students may receive a partial refund if they produce a doctor’s note stating they are too ill to continue studying in their ELC program.

There is a $250 charge for dormitory accommodation cancelled one week prior to the program start date.


  • If your visa is denied, you may transfer your $350 program deposit to a future program by paying a non-refundable $100 transfer fee. You must give the ELC written notification of your cancellation before the program starts, and request the transfer within one month, for a program beginning within one year of cancellation.
  • Students are only permitted to transfer to future programs once. If your visa is denied a second time, you will need to submit a new application with another deposit and application fee.
  • Students already in Canada cannot transfer fees between programs unless an emergency situation requires them to return home. In these cases, students must provide the ELC with a doctor’s note and proof of a return air ticket to their home country. This process is subject to an additional $100 transfer fee, and approval by the ELC Director.