• The $150 program application fee, $300 homestay application fee and $350 per program deposit(s) are non-refundable
  • No refund of tuition or student services fees is possible after the program start date

Tuition is refundable if your visa application has been denied by the Canadian Embassy.  In such cases students are required to inform us before the program starts and provide documentation from the Canadian Embassy.  We would refund the $350 deposit, tuition (if applicable) and the $300 Homestay application fee, minus courier charges.

In the case of extreme illness, students may receive a partial refund if they produce a doctor’s note stating they are too ill to continue studying for the remainder of their ELC program.



If your visa is denied and you wish to transfer your $350 program deposit to a future program, a $100 transfer fee is charged. To do this, you must notify us of your cancellation in writing before the program starts, and request the transfer within one month. Transfers are only possible to programs beginning within one year of cancellation.  

Students are only permitted to transfer to future programs once. If your visa is denied a second time and you wish to register for a future program, you will need to submit a new application with another deposit and application fee.

Students already in Canada cannot transfer fees between programs unless there is an emergency situation in which they must return home. In these cases, students must provide the English Language Centre with a doctor’s note and proof of a return air ticket to their home country in order to transfer fees to a future program. There is an additional $100 transfer fee, and the Director of the ELC must approve the transfer.