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Speak English with confidence.

Are you are going to school in an English setting? Wanting to advance your career? Traveling to an English-speaking country? Improve your English in just four weeks with the English for Global Communication (EGC) online program. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced English student, this flexible program from one of Canada’s top universities has a class for you. Improve your English speaking, listening, and writing skills in an online classroom where your teacher has made lessons and exercises you can practice as many times as you need, whenever you want. The EGC program will give you the boost of confidence you can feel, and they can hear.

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Program description

English for Global Communication (EGC) is designed to work around your schedule through a blend of asynchronous (online activities completed on your own within a flexible schedule) and synchronous (real-time online sessions with your class via Zoom) delivery formats. UVic instructors will guide you through theme-based learning activities during class time, with the addition of self-guided activities to be done through the online learning platform. 

Asynchronous study activities include: 

  • Video lectures and dialogues 
  • Participating in interactive discussion forums 
  • Language listening assignments 
  • Grammar and vocabulary practice activities 

Synchronous study activities include: 

  • Practicing the lessons learned in the asynchronous activities 
  • Participating in mini-presentations or debates 
  • Group work with classmates 


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The English Language Centre is accredited by Languages Canada.

Cultural activities include:

  • Café Social: to practice English with your classmates and native speakers
  • Experience Victoria videos: to learn more about life in Canada
  • Oh Canada: to learn about Canadian stories and events, for discussion at Café Social

This superior online hybrid approach allows for flexibility and efficiency in working through the course learning objectives, while receiving support in your language development.

EGC entry levels (with CEFR classifications):
Level 1 upper beginner level (CEFR A1+)
Level 2 pre-intermediate level (CEFR A2)
Level 3 intermediate level (CEFR A2+)
Level 4 upper intermediate level (CEFR B1)
Level 5 advanced level (CEFR B2/B2+)

Program features

English for real life; students will learning practical content for many contexts 

Led by experienced EAL instructors in a small class setting, allowing for frequent interactions and support

Students have the option to extend studies to 6 weeks total with a 2-week "Cultural Discovery" course (focused on Global Issues)

Your schedule of 10 instructional hours/week (40 hours total in 4 week) allows you to fit online studies into your other professional/academic activities 

Program outcomes

Students who complete the EGC program will:

  1. Improve and strengthen English language skills by working on all four language elements - listening, speaking, reading and writing - in a wholly online interactive environment.
  2. Develop and enhance functional language, grammar, and vocabulary. These are done independently, in pairs, in groups, and with an instructor through a variety of tasks and activities.
  3. Practice and build confidence in presentation skills and written assignments through a range of topics related to community connections.

Who is this program for?

The EGC program will be of value to students and professionals who want to:

  • Improve their confidence communicating in English through a program with a low time commitment and no travel requirement.
  • Build their English proficiency in preparation for on-campus English language studies.
  • Maximize their experience attending a future DCS business program by refreshing their English skills.
  • Maintain their English skills after attending an English language program on-campus at UVic.

Level: High Beginner to University Preparation

News and resources

Courses and fees

Students can expect to study 10 hours a week for a total of 40 hours of instruction.

The synchronous real-time learning activities will take place three times per week from 5:00 to 6:00 pm Victoria time*.

Sessions:  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 
Day/time: Tuesday 5:00 – 6:00 pm Victoria time Wednesday 5:00 – 6:00 pm Victoria time Thursday 5:00 – 6:00pm Victoria time

* If you are not located in the same time zone, use the Time Zone Converter to get the time of the session in your region.

Fees due upon application Fee Notes
Program deposit $25 Due at time of registration, and is non-refundable.
Tuition fees Fee Notes
Balance of Tuition ($895 – $25) $870 Tuition: $895
Accommodation and meals Fee Notes
n/a $0 Online programs do not include accommodation or meals.
Total: $895

Application information

Admission requirements

  • Minimum age requirement: 18 years old by the program start date
  • Minimum language requirement: Upper beginner (~CEFR A1+)
  • View the System Requirements for online courses

English Proficiency Test

Your fee includes our online ELC English Proficiency Test (EPT), required for participation in the English for Global Communication program. It will assist us in determining the appropriate program level for you. You will receive information from us to complete the test prior to the start of your program. 

How to apply

To view full application information, please click the Apply Now button. Programs currently open for registration will be available.

Program dates

There are currently no upcoming program dates. Please check back later!

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