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UVic Homestay

Welcome to UVic Homestay: Your Home Away from Home 

At the University of Victoria, we understand that studying abroad is an exciting adventure filled with new experiences and opportunities. To ensure that your time with us is comfortable and enriching, we offer the UVic Homestay Program – a warm and welcoming way to begin your journey in Canada.

What is Homestay?

UVic Homestay is an exceptional program that provides international students like you with the chance to live with a Canadian host family while studying at the University of Victoria. It's a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Canadian culture, practice your English language skills, and create lasting friendships.

Why choose UVic Homestay?

  • Safety and comfort: Your well-being is our top priority. We carefully select and screen our host families to ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment.

  • Cultural immersion: Living with a Canadian family will give you firsthand insight into the multiculturalism and diversity that exists in Canada, and daily life. You'll build a deeper understanding of the local culture and make memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Language practice: Practicing English in real-life situations is one of the best ways to enhance your language skills. Living with an English-speaking family provides the perfect opportunity to improve your fluency.

  • Support and guidance: Your host family will offer support and guidance as you adapt to your new surroundings. They'll help you with practical matters, answer your questions, and introduce you to the local community.

  • Convenient location: Many of our host families live close to the UVic campus, making it easy for you to access classes, libraries, and campus facilities.


Is Homestay available for my program?

ELC programs - limited availability for programs from September until June. Homestay placements are for the duration of the program dates, and have a set arrival and departure date. On-campus residence (dorms) is available during the summer from May until August.

Please note that students are placed in UVic Homestay on a first come first served basis as completed applications are received by our office. Homestay is limited and spaces may fill before the deadline. In cases where UVic Homestay cannot accommodate students, students will need to arrange their own homestay privately.

Other programs - Currently we are unable to accept applications from non-ELC students.


How does it work?

  • Application: ELC students can fill out our straightforward application form to get started, and pay your application fee ($300 CAD). We'll use this information to match you with a compatible host family.
  • Matching process: Our team will carefully review your application and preferences to find the perfect host family for you. We consider factors like your interests, dietary requirements, and special requests, if possible. You can expect to receive your homestay placement details two weeks before your program begins.

  • Introduction: Once we've found a suitable match, we'll introduce you to your host family. You'll be encouraged to connect with them before your arrival.

  • Arrival: When you arrive in Victoria, your host family will be there to pick you up and welcome you. They'll help you settle into your new home, show you around the city, and offer guidance as you adjust to life in Canada. 

  • Homestay experience: Throughout your stay, you'll enjoy a comfortable and inclusive living environment. Your host family will provide you with meals, a private room, and a supportive atmosphere. Your home will typically be within a one-hour commute from campus.

  • Engage and explore: While living with your host family, take advantage of opportunities to engage with their daily life, explore Victoria, and participate in cultural activities together. Respect, politeness and flexibility are key ingredients in having a positive experience.

How much does Homestay cost?

  • Monthly English programs: The homestay fee is $1350 CAD per program. 
  • The homestay fee for consecutive programs or programs longer than a full month is $1350 CAD per month and $45 CAD per night for extra nights or partial months.  

Payment information:

  • The student pays homestay fees directly to the host.
  • The student is responsible for the full homestay fee based on the Homestay Placement contract dates.
  • The student pays Homestay fees on the day they arrive, and then (for long-term programs) on the corresponding day of each following month, for the duration of their Homestay Placement contract, based on their placement start date.

Please review the UVic Homestay Student Guidelines for your program to ensure that Homestay is the best accommodation choice for you.

Please note that students are placed in UVic Homestay on a first come first served basis as completed applications are received by our office. Homestay is limited and spaces may fill before the deadline. In cases where UVic Homestay cannot accommodate students, students will need to arrange their own homestay privately.


If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team! Please contact us or visit our Frequently asked questions page
If you're an Agent, please view the Homestay information for agents page.