The type of accommodation options Continuing Studies students choose depends on their program, length of study, start date and lifestyle.

UVic Homestay

For students in our English Language Centre or customized international programs from September to June. Living with a local family is a wonderful way to practise English while participating in daily Canadian life and culture. (Subject to availability). 

Homestay information

UVic dormitories

For students in our English Language Centre or customized programs from May to August. Students love the convenience of living on our beautiful campus with their classmates. (Subject to availability)

Dormitory information

Off-campus housing

For students in our longer-term professional programs, including business and international education. For ELC students who choose not to live in the dormitory or homestay options offered for their program. In Victoria, it is common for students to rent a room, an apartment or a house with other roommates. Visit the UVic off-campus housing page to see what’s available in Victoria.

Off-campus housing