Welcome to the University of Victoria's award-winning Homestay Program! Our talented staff are dedicated professionals who work hard to ensure that international students and Canadian host families enjoy cultural exchanges.

COVID-19 Notice

Policies and procedures may change during COVID-19. For up-to-date information, please view Homestay requirements during COVID-19

What is Homestay?

UVic Homestay provides an opportunity for you to live with a local family while enrolled in classes at the University of Victoria. Homestay families will welcome you into their home and provide you with a safe, comfortable and friendly place to live within easy travelling distance of the university. You will eat meals with your host family, participate in their weekend activities and become part of their daily lives.

The benefits of Homestay

  • gives students who speak English as an additional language an opportunity to use their English language skills in an informal setting
  • provides you with an automatic base of support in Canada
  • places you with a family that will provide all your meals and snacks
  • ensures that you will live within a 60-85-minute commute to UVic, on convenient bus routes
  • provides you with affordable accommodations in a city where housing can be hard to find
  • provides you with a Homestay placement for your program dates

Is Homestay available for my program?

Homestay is available for all programs from September until June. Homestay placements are for the duration of the program dates, and have a set arrival and departure date. On-campus residence (dorms) is available during the summer.

How much does Homestay cost?

  • Monthly English programs: The homestay fee is $1260 per program
  • The homestay fee for consecutive programs or programs longer than a full month is $1260 CAD per month and $42 CAD per night for extra nights or partial months. 
  • Please see the Detailed Fee Payment Schedules for specific fee information.

Payment information

  • The student pays homestay fees directly to the host, unless otherwise arranged.
  • The student is responsible for the full homestay fee based on the Homestay Placement contract dates.
  • The student pays Homestay fees on the day they arrive, and then (for long-term programs) on the corresponding day of each following month, for the duration of their Homestay Placement contract, based on their placement start date.
  • Please see the Detailed Fee Payment Schedules for specific fee information.

How do I register for Homestay?

Complete and sign the Homestay Application Form for ELC Students, then submit it with your $300 CAD application fee.

After we receive your application, we will match you with a Canadian host family. You will receive a detailed Homestay Information Package by email two weeks before your program begins, and your host family will pick you up when you arrive in Victoria.

Please review the UVic Homestay Student Guidelines for your program to ensure that Homestay is the best accommodation choice for you.

Please note that students are placed in UVic Homestay on a first come first served basis as completed applications are received by our office. Homestay is limited and spaces may fill before the deadline. In cases where UVic Homestay cannot accommodate students, students will need to arrange their own homestay privately.

Questions? Please contact us or visit our Frequently asked questions page.

“I like that my host family lives very close to the campus and to the bus stop. I like my host family, it's really nice to find a family that I can share with and talk with other people. They are really nice and their children are so cute. They really tried to put me at ease and I feel very comfortable with them. My room and the house in general are really clean and comfortable.”

Sandrine Vedda France