From the landscapes associated with historic buildings, industries and rural communities, to traditional use sites of First Peoples, cultural landscapes are tremendously diverse resources that present special preservation and management challenges. This course focuses on the nature of cultural landscapes, and develops your ability to identify, evaluate and develop preservation strategies for landscape resources that are integral to your community.

Working in the heritage, culture, museums sector in a country as large as Canada can sometimes give rise to a certain sense of isolation. For professionals building their careers, it's important to connect with others and strengthen the network while upgrading skills and knowledge.

These courses have reinforced my desire to learn, helped me understand the importance of culture and given me the tools to better articulate this importance. I definitely see my work and projects through a different lens.
-Michele Sirett

Graham Gidden, a park planner with Cowichan Regional District, appreciated this aspect of the experience at UVic.

It attracted people from across the country, which elevated the overall learning experience through shared interest in the topic of study, he said. Gidden is planning on specializing within his profession by broadening his understanding of cultural landscapes and then communicating their importance to others.

The experience has reminded me of the importance of always learning through life and that taking courses that are of interest is always beneficial on multiple levels beyond learning new material.

Michele Sirett, Recreation and Culture Supervisor with the City of Campbell River, found that the program format fits well with her long- term and shorter-range goals.

Most of the learning I have done after achieving my degree has been in one- or two-day workshops at various places. The UVic course has been the best and most interesting so far. I was looking to do a masters but could not find a program flexible enough for my needs.

I am a very busy person and taking big chunks of time away from work and family was not going to work for me. This program allows me to learn in one-week bits and complete the odd course online. I am finding it very doable.

The best part of the classes is the opportunity to immerse myself in the heritage or culture being presented. I never get that opportunity at work. I am always trying to accomplish cultural projects off the side of my desk.

I have met an amazing number of interesting people. Most of the people who attend the courses work directly in the field and have so much more experience and knowledge than I do. Learning from my classmates is another thing that makes the courses better than most.

Sirett also found the Continuing Studies avenue into university-level study a very supportive environment. The instructors have been exceptional. They are all professionals in the field and provide a wealth of knowledge to the classes. It really has been impressive!

  • Posted March 15, 2012