Simplify your journey as an English language learning teacher.

You have the important job of guiding today’s youth along their educational journey, so you need your journey to be as simple and straight-forward as possible. In the Teaching English Language Learning micro-credential program, you’ll gain the skills to help your students engage more often, focus and retain information—so you can better support them in overcoming the language challenges that may be barriers to their success.

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Program description

Who speaks the most in a classroom? Often, it’s the teacher, and in traditional classrooms this makes sense. But imagine that classroom is full of English language learning (ELL) students—now, who would benefit the most from practicing their speaking? Increasing engagement for all types of learners is important, but it’s particularly key for ELL students. 

Designed for BC teachers working in K-12 classrooms, the Professional Development Certificate in Teaching English Language Learning includes two required asynchronous online courses. Begin with the Principles of Teaching English Language Learning course and learn about the general sociological, psycholinguistic and educational principles involved in teaching students for whom English is not their first language. Then build on this foundational knowledge with Organization and Procedures for Instruction of English to Second Language Learners—where you’ll learn to apply the language learning principles covered in the first course and how to integrate language learning and content area instruction.

Program features

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Focus on practical application of the BC English Language Learning (ELL) Standards

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Experienced instructors
Learn from experienced ELL instructors currently working in BC schools 

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Online flexibility
Flexible learning through asynchronous online courses

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Certificate options
Credit and non-credit options available

Program outcomes

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • identify and analyze how students’ experiences, cultures and first languages affect learning a second language or dialect
  • apply the BC ELL Standards to assess and evaluate students’ English language proficiency
  • select and implement ELL program models most suitable for student learning
  • design lesson plans that reflect principles of additional language learning and teaching
  • develop in-school procedures that promote learning conditions for language acquisition
  • evaluate and recommend effective principles and strategies for additional language learning to foster academic literacy, improve academic achievement, and expand notions of identity and culture

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for K-12 teachers in British Columbia who are interested in teaching in English language learning classrooms.

Career options

Some of our learners pursue careers in the following roles:
  • English Language Learner Teacher
  • English Language Learner Specialist


Courses and fees

To receive the Professional Development Certificate in Teaching English Language Learning, you must complete the two required courses. When registering, you may select either the credit (A05) or non-credit (D01) sections.

= Courses open for registration

Estimated fees

Description Fee
UVic application fee (for credit course registration only) $200.00
EDCI447 A05/D01 $616.56
EDCI448 A05/D01 $616.56
Estimated Total $1,433.12*
Fees listed in this section are an estimate. Total program fees may vary depending on delivery format, course selections, student fees, textbooks and taxes.

Application information

Admission requirements

This program is designed for BC teachers qualified to teach in K-12 classrooms. All applicants should have a teaching degree. Admission to an education program, or admission to a diploma or major program in applied linguistics is also acceptable.

How to apply

Credit courses: 

To register for credit courses (A05 section), you must first be admitted to the University of Victoria and then register for individual courses through UVic Online Tools

To apply for admission to the University of Victoria:

Non-credit courses: 

To register for non-credit courses (D01 section), you must first submit a Continuing Studies online application and then register for individual courses on the Continuing Studies website. 

There is no cost to apply. You do not need to apply for admission to the University of Victoria in order to register for non-credit courses. You will not receive undergraduate-level credit for completing a non-credit course.

Application dates

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Accepting Applications
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Apply online Contact us for more info

Application dates

Starting in
  Accepting Applications
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*Non-credit students are encouraged to apply by the dates listed above, however the application deadline may be extended. Please contact us for details.