Indigenous Language Revitalization Practicum

Code: LING185
Apply this course towards: Indigenous Language Revitalization

Course description

A 70- or 140-hour work-study under the mentorship of an Elder or fluent speaker to develop understanding of local language preservation and revitalization issues and strategies. The focus is on local language revitalization program planning and collaboration with local language workers.

How to register

Courses within the Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization are currently only offered within community and college partnerships. The occasional course is offered on campus and at the En’owkin Center in Penticton. To be added to the interest list, please contact the program coordinator for more information at or 250-721-8504.

Additional course details

Prerequisites: permission of the Indigenous Language Revitalization program.

Subject to the “Guidelines for Ethical Conduct” and “Regulations Concerning Practica”.