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Knowledge that you can apply in your community, workplace or around the world to support diversity, inclusion and social change.

The Diploma in Intercultural Studies and Practice (ISP) prepares students to play a productive and socially responsible role in an increasingly multicultural and diverse world. Students will develop skills to support all aspects of cultural diversity, inclusion and social change in their community, their workplace and around the world. The program aims to develop social responsibility and a clearer understanding and awareness of the complex issues at play in a multicultural society.

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Program description

This interdisciplinary program engages students in a wide range of current issues including:

  • cross-cultural relations
  • intercultural communication
  • cultural diversity
  • issues of power, oppression and privilege
Comprehensive programming: Four core courses, four electives, and a final practicum or project Receive specialized training for positions in nonprofit, government, social science, development and educational sectors
Hands-on learning: Integrate theory with practice by completing either a hands-on practicum or individual final project Working at a local, national or international intercultural organization, the practicum will provide you with an opportunity to make a real difference in your community
Professionally recognized diploma: From a respected Canadian institution Earn a credential that positions you as a specialist in the area of cultural diversity

Program partners

The University of Victoria Logo

Faculty of Humanities

As well as various community partners and organizations.

Program outcomes

Upon completion of this program, graduates will have: 

  1. A clearer understanding of the challenges connected with intercultural relations, social justice and cross-cultural communication, and the various approaches to their resolution; 
  2. Better awareness of the complex issues concerning cultural conflicts, racism, power and equality; 
  3. Developed skills to facilitate intercultural relations and cross-cultural communication in the workplace, in the local community, and in international settings; 
  4. Developed skills to assist in reducing conflict and inequality based on racism and ethnocentrism. 

Who is this program for?

The ISP program welcomes students from varied backgrounds, including those currently involved in professional and volunteer roles in multicultural and cross-cultural settings, or participants who would just like to increase their knowledge and understanding of current social and culturally-related issues.

The program may be a great choice for current UVic students who would like to complete a concurrent diploma with their undergraduate degree. Students completing an undergraduate degree in the following faculties may explore the possibility of partnering their diploma studies with their undergraduate course work and applying course credit towards both programs: 

  • Fine Arts 
  • Human and Social Development 
  • Humanities 
  • Business 
  • Social Science 
  • Education 

Career options

Some of our learners pursue careers in the following roles:
  • Community/Social Service/Non-profit Worker
  • International Development Worker
  • Immigration and Settlement Officer
  • Government Administrator/Manager
  • Employment Equity and Diversity Officer
  • Cultural Agency Worker
  • Educator


News and resources

Courses and fees

The Intercultural Studies and Practice program curriculum consists of: eight upper-level courses (12.0 units), comprised of four core courses (6.0 units) and four elective courses (6.0 units); plus a 3.0 unit practicum or final project. The program can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

For students looking to fast-track through the program, the Diploma may be completed in eight months with full-time study between September and April. Concurrent undergraduate students who enter the program with a number of acceptable core and elective courses already completed may be able to complete the program in as little as one term!

The diploma program is made up of eight courses, plus a practicum or final project.


Four (4) required courses
Plus Four (4) electives
Plus practicum or project
ISP 430: Facilitating Intercultural Relationships

ISP 200: Introduction to Intercultural Studies


ISP 420: Topics in Intercultural Studies and Practice


300- or 400-level elective courses from a variety of departments and faculties which should focus on issues concerning cross- or intercultural communication, diversity, equity, fairness or comparative studies of culture, gender, ethnicity, political, social or economic conditions.

These electives must be approved by the Intercultural Studies and Practice Diploma Program Coordinator. Students are encouraged to discuss elective options with the Program Coordinator when planning their upcoming course registrations. 100 or 200-level courses will not usually be approved for elective credit. Generally, language study or courses focusing on non-comparative studies of culture will also not be approved for elective credit.

View list of pre-approved electives

ISP 400: Practicum in Intercultural Studies and Practice (3.0 Units)


ISP 410: Final Project in Intercultural Studies and Practice (3.0 Units)


One of

HIST 329A: Race, Racism, and Ethnicity in Canada to 1900


HIST 329B: Race, Racism, and Ethnicity in Canada since 1900

One of

LING 395: Language and Society


LING 397: Issues in Cross Cultural Communication

One of

GNDR332: Race, Gender and Power


SOCI 235: Racialization and Ethnicity


Estimated fees

Full-time Canadian students International students
Program application fee $150.00 $150.00
UVic application fee (international fee applies if transcripts come from institutions outside Canada)
Tuition (15.0 units) $6,165.60 $29,715.30
Athletics and Recreation fees ($94.31 per term) $188.62 $188.62
UVic Student Society Fees ($73.85 per term) $147.70
U-Pass Bus Pass ($81.00 per term) $162.00
UVic Student Society Extended Health Plan ($180 per term)
UVic Student Society Extended Dental Plan ($180 per term) $260
Textbooks -  Prices of textbooks and other course materials are additional and are determined by the UVic Bookstore.  varies varies
Estimated Total $7,415.42* $31,030.62*
Fees listed in this section are an estimate. Total program fees may vary depending on delivery format, course selections, student fees, textbooks and taxes.

Tuition fees are subject to an annual 2% increase May 1. Application and student fees are also subject to annual increases. The University reserves the right to change fees without notice.


Application information

Admission requirements

The program is designed to build an interdisciplinary foundation in intercultural studies and practice while enabling you to tailor your program to your individual educational and/or professional needs through choices of required and elective courses.

Program admission is non-competitive and applications are accepted year-round.

To apply to the program you should:

  • have a minimum of second-year standing or a university degree (or equivalent)
  • be admissible (or already admitted) to the University of Victoria
  • have related professional, volunteer or personal experience in the field of intercultural studies, intercultural education or intercultural communication

If you are a mature student, you may be admitted under a special category. Please contact our office for more information.

How to apply

Application is a two-step process:

  1. Complete an online application to the Intercultural Studies and Practice program by clicking the APPLY NOW button above.
  2. Once you hear back from the office, submit an application to UVic using the My UVic online application.

Program applications are accepted year-round. New applicants to UVic should note that application process times can vary and, as such, we encourage you to apply to UVic three to four months before the start of the term in which you intend to begin studies.

Please note that the Intercultural Studies and Practice program is not responsible for processing times of applications through UVic Admissions.

Application dates

Starting in
January 2025
Accepting Applications
Apply by
Nov. 1, 2024
Apply online Contact us for more info
Starting in
May 2025
Accepting Applications
Apply by
March 1, 2025
Apply online Contact us for more info