Practicum in Intercultural Studies and Practice

Code: ISP400
Apply this course towards: Intercultural Studies and Practice

Course description

The practicum provides a unique opportunity for Intercultural Studies and Practice students to integrate theory with practice in an intercultural setting. This experience is intended to provide students with an opportunity to apply learning in a practical setting and to develop awareness of further opportunities for study and professional practice. The practicum encourages valuable “hands-on” experience that will compliment theoretical knowledge by putting concepts learned in the Intercultural Studies and Practice program directly into practice.

The practicum will consist of at least 50 hours of activity for a 1.5 unit practicum, and 100 hours of activity for a 3.0 unit practicum of either volunteer work in a multicultural setting with an approved agency, institution or organization, or of practical experience suggested by you in an approved setting.

How to register

Registration is limited to Intercultural Studies and Practice Diploma students only. Students thinking of completing ISP400 should contact the Program Office the term prior. Once a placement has been approved, the Program Office will process registration.

Additional course details

Grading: INP, COM, N, or F.