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Core Courses

Wound Management for Health Professionals Level I

Wound management is an ever-present challenge for health professionals as risk factors for acute and chronic wounds become more and more prevalent in the population. Prevention and care planning require a strong foundation in the principles of wound management and evidence-based clinical practice.

This comprehensive online course—newly revised in 2020‚Äč—provides health professionals with the essential tools to confidently practice evidence-based wound management within an interprofessional team. The course is taught over six weeks, followed by a one-week exam period. You will apply theory using visual case examples, interactive assessments, and collaborative discussion. The main course concepts include:

  • prevention
  • wound assessment and care planning 
  • wound care product selection
  • wound healing
  • infection
  • patient-professional collaboration
Wound Management for Health Professionals Level II

This comprehensive blended learning course centers on the development of clinical skills and knowledge supportive of working with advanced-practice wound care, as a Wound Champion.

The eight-week online segment focuses on:

  • pressure ulcers
  • vascular ulcers
  • VAC usage
  • debridement
  • high risk foot
  • lymphedema
  • surgical wounds
  • burns
  • oncology

The importance of additional patient factors including co-morbid conditions, psychosocial issues and resource considerations will be addressed.

In the on-campus workshop (required) following the online portion of the course, you will get to practice your skills, including debridement, and present information on a wound care product you researched during the online component of the course.

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