Dean Adams

Interaction between students all over the world and the instructors, every day, throughout the program was amazing.
- Dean Adams

Achieving the EOH Certificate in Fall 2012 had an impact on my career resulting in new job offers almost immediately. I have chosen a new position that offers exciting opportunities for future career and personal growth, and with significantly increased compensation. 

The EOH program was very different, in a great way, than other more conventional educational paths I have taken. I have previously attended other post-secondary institutions in a classroom environment and was surprised by how interactive the UVic distance learning experience was.

I wanted to develop my career in health and safety and broaden my knowledge base and abilities. I also wanted to pursue a CRSP (Certified Registered Safety Professional) designation and was pleased to see that the EOH Program satisfied the education requirement for the designation.

My belief that education is a prime ingredient in the recipe for success has been reinforced. I have opened doors and expanded my sphere of influence and opportunity by completing this program.

  • Posted March 22, 2013

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