Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies

Continuing Studies at UVic offers the Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies to students looking to participate in a heritage studies learning activity abroad.

Applicants must be enrolled in the Diploma in Cultural Resource Management, the Graduate Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Studies, or any degree program at the University of Victoria.

The Kalman Award supports travel and other expenses for activities in which students can expand their learning experiences and professional networks. The current value of the Kalman Award is a maximum of $1,500.

Funded learning experiences include:

  • Attendance at heritage-related courses, seminars, workshops and conferences in locations outside Canada or the student's country of residence, whether offered by the University of Victoria or by other institutions.
  • An internship with an international government entity or with a heritage firm or professional (Canadian or international) working outside Canada.
  • Self-directed study (ie AHVS 491A) in heritage conservation in a location outside Canada or the student's country of residence.


Applications will be assessed by how well the proposed activity will complement the student's academic program and/or career goals.

  • Academic excellence - preference will be given to applicants who have excellent student records.
  • Opportunity for broadened perspectives - preference will be given to applicants whose proposed activity provides an experience much different (culturally, politically, geographically) than they can have where they live or were raised.
  • Impact of the award - while the demonstration of financial need is not a requirement, preference may be given to students who are needful of support, when other aspects of the applications are equal.

In addition, the applicant must not have received a Kalman Award in the previous 24 months.

How to apply

Applications are due November 15 annually. If you would like to apply for a Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies, please download and fill out the application form (PDF) and email it to Maxine Reitsma, Program Coordinator.

Congratulations to our 2019 Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies Winner Maria Buhne!

Photo: Maria BuhneMaria Buhne is a graduate student at the University of Victoria in the Department of Art History and Visual Studies. Funds from the Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies will be used to support her research in the UK at Hilltop Cottage house museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum in 2019. Learning directly from the success of the UK National Trust in preserving national historical and heritage sites, Maria hopes to make a positive impact on the safeguarding of Canadian cultural heritage as critical sites of education and cultural understanding.