Introductory Linguistics for Language Revitalization

Code: LING 181
Apply this course towards: Aboriginal Language Revitalization

Course description

This course introduces topics in the study of language and linguistics, providing a foundation for understanding language revitalization. Topics include:

  • the nature of sound systems and how they relate to orthographies, word structures and dictionaries
  • sentence structures and understanding texts, meaning and vocabulary
  • linguistic aspects of language acquisition and historical change

This course develops your understanding of the languages targeted for revitalization and provides an introduction to linguistic concepts and reference materials.

Credit will only be granted for one of LING 181, 100, 100A, 360 or 362.

How to register

Courses within the Certificate in Aboriginal Language Revitalization program are offered within community partnerships, on campus in Victoria or at the En’owkin Centre in Penticton. Registration is done solely through the department. Please contact the Program Coordinator for upcoming offerings, locations and registration forms at or 250-721-8504.