CIM Professional Designation in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Management

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Business, Management and Technology (BMT) Programs is accredited with the Canadian Institute of Management for students and graduates to become certified with the CIM (Certified in Management) professional designation through our Certificate and Diploma in Business Administration programs.

This agreement with the Canadian Institute of Management means that you can complete both your UVic Certificate (CBA) and Diploma (DBA) in Business Administration along with the CIM professional designation.

The Canadian Institute of Management is Canada’s senior management association and operates through 17 branches across Canada. The CIM has a long history of servicing managers and aspiring managers within Canadian industry. Since its foundation, the CIM has provided professional development and certification to over 60,000 managers and grants several well-recognized professional and academic qualifi cations.

Note: To visit the CIM website go to If you look at the membership categories and membership fee sections, it does not show a “student” category or fee. Look under “Branches” on the main page and then under “British Columbia” which does show a student membership rate of $150 per year—a reasonable fee. By taking two or even three courses per year you can earn your professional designation at a very good membership fee.

Please contact the Business, Management and Technology Programs office before applying. Courses already taken through the CBA/DBA certification may be “grandfathered” by contacting our office. To qualify for the CIM Professional Designation, you must take the following courses:

Required six core courses:

CIM Course Title BMT Accredited Course Title, Course Code
1. Introduction to Management Business Administration BMBA100
2. Managerial Accounting Management Accounting BMBA220
3. Managerial Finance Finance BMBA360
4. Managerial Communications Business Writing and Presentation Skills BMBA110
5. Strategy Policy Analysis Strategic Management  BMBA400
6. Canadian Business Law Business Law BMBA300

Plus two optional courses from the following:

Managerial Marketing Marketing BMBA240
International Studies International Business BMBA430
Economics Economics BMBA230
Organizational Behaviour Organizational Behaviour BMBA130
Human Resource Management Human Resource Management  BMBA150
Project Management Project Management TECJ410

Contact the Business, Management and Technology Programs office for more information at:

Phone: 250-721-8072 or 250-721-8073