Designing Learning in a Hybrid Workplace DLHW FAQ

Yes, the three courses in the Designing Learning in a Hybrid Workplace program (EDCP107A/B/C) are offered online and they are self-paced. Although the courses have a start and end date, you can begin a course anytime between the course start date and the registration deadline and you complete your coursework before the course end date.

You can start the first course anytime from the beginning of the term until 4 weeks before the end of the term. (i.e. in the Fall 2022 term, you can start the EDCP107A course from October 3rd to November 18th)

There are no exams but you will need to complete an assignment at the end of each course in order to receive a final grade in the course.

You can expect to spend about 10 hours per week/course on your coursework (course readings, assignments, online discussion) but you are not required to be online each day- usually three times a week is adequate. You’ll participate in asynchronous discussions (you do not need to be online at any particular day or time to participate) through the online learning platform we use, called Brightspace and all that is required is connection to the internet.

There are typically 3-4 assignments in each course, including an online participation assignment, as students are expected to engage regularly with their classmates and instructor through the course Brightspace site. The course content/course notes are located on the Brightspace site and this is where you will read the course notes, submit assignments and engage with your instructor and classmates through discussion forums. Learn more about Online Learning

No, but an instructor will grade your course assignment and provide you with feedback on it. 

No, you can work at your own pace. The only deadline is the course end date each term- you’ll need to submit your course assignment by that date in order to receive feedback and a final grade for the course.

If you spend about 8 hours/week on your coursework, you can expect to complete the course in about 4 weeks. However, if you spend more hours per week on your coursework, you can complete the course earlier.

You will have access to technical support throughout the course.

No, you may choose to take only EDCP 107A and/or EDCP 107B. However, if you complete all three courses (EDCP107 A/B/C) you will receive a Micro-certificate.

No, you may choose to take one, two, or three courses in one term.

Yes, after you complete each EDCP107 course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. If you complete all three courses (EDCP107 A/B/C) you will receive a Micro-certificate.

Yes, you can receive one elective credit towards completion of the CACE program if you successfully complete the three courses: EDCP107A/B/C.

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