Photo of a miniature Ukrainian flag on top of a map of Ukraine.

Ukrainian - Level 1


Course description

Are you interested in Ukraine and Ukrainian language? Do you want to learn about the mentality and culture of Ukrainians? This course, designed for people with no previous knowledge of Ukrainian, will provide you with the basic communicative, reading, writing and listening skills you need. You will participate in simple dialogues of everyday communication and express yourself in the basic vocabulary of the Ukrainian language. You will also acquire the skills of writing and reading in Cyrillic.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, students who work diligently will be able to:

  • –°orrectly articulate vowel and consonant sounds (hard/soft, deaf/sonorous) and syllables, emphasize words, and distinguish intonation constructions of the Ukrainian language.
  • Read and write the Cyrillic alphabet of the Ukrainian language.
  • Introduce yourself, get to know each other, and use the correct greeting and farewell formulas.
  • Express wishes, requests, consent, or refusal.
  • Express own attitude: give an assessment of a person, object, fact, or action.
  • Ask questions and report about a fact or event, a person, or an object, about the presence or absence of a person or object, about the quality, and belonging of the object, about the event, action, time, and place of action, its cause.
  • Know basic information about the parts of speech of the Ukrainian language (noun, adjective, adverb, verb), distinguish them and use them in practice constructing simple things and dialogues.
  • Implement in elementary communicative situations vocabulary on the following topics: biographical information, profession, family members, household items, clothes, products, furniture, days of the week, weather, etc.
  • Listen to a speech in another Ukrainian language and give cues in common communication situations: in a store, supermarket, on city streets, in a cafe, restaurant, or at work.


This introduction to the Ukrainian language is designed for students who have no previous knowledge of the language.


World Language courses are offered three times per year:

  • September (registration opens in June)
  • January (registration opens in November)
  • April (registration opens in November)


Our online hybrid language courses make language learning flexible and convenient. The use of both synchronous and asynchronous delivery styles allows for both real-time virtual classroom conversation practice (synchronous delivery) and self-paced study (asynchronous delivery). The synchronous delivery style will occur during the scheduled class dates and time, using Zoom for videoconferencing, chat and screen sharing for class instruction and pair/group work. The asynchronous delivery style uses Brightspace, an online environment where learners can access class materials and resources for self-paced study throughout the week. Educational activities can include exercises, readings, forums, audio/video files, quizzes, etc.

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Continuing Studies statement on use of educational technology

This course will require the use of Zoom and may use other education technology such as internet-based applications, cloud services, or social media. In order to complete this course you will be required to either consent to the disclosure of your personal information outside of Canada to enable use of these technologies, or work with the Division of Continuing Studies to explore other privacy protective options (such as using an alias or nickname).