This summer, spend five weeks immersed in French language and culture.

La Maison Française (LMF) offers students a way to quickly learn French in an immersive setting. It is an intensive non-credit summer French immersion program open to local and international students and is intended for adults 19 years and up, at all levels of proficiency, from total beginner to advanced.

Program Description

La Maison Française consists of four hours of classes a day, five days a week; 1.5 hours of language workshops two afternoons a week, and sociocultural activities* on afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Experienced instructors and dynamic cultural assistants will enjoy providing you with a friendly and instructive French atmosphere. In various learning environments such as in-class lessons, language labs, workshops, mealtime conversations and cultural and social activities, you will quickly learn to function in French.

The curriculum is divided into several levels of linguistic competences. On the first day, you will do a level assessment to be placed at the appropriate level.

Bursaries are available under the Explore Program to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are full-time students. Bursaries are also available to school teachers, many of whom choose to take this program as a refresher course in the summer.

* Please note that most participants are between 19 and 25 years of age, therefore most of the sociocultural activities are planned accordingly.

Who is this program for?

  • Adults aged 19 and up
  • All proficiency levels: from total beginner to advanced
  • International students wanting to learn Canada's other official language
  • Full-time students wanting to complement their studies with valuable additional language skills

Program outcomes

Participants will:

  • Develop their comprehension skills by being immersed in French for five weeks.
  • Build their confidence in speaking French and functioning in French at all times, in class and out of class.
  • Learn about many aspects of various Francophone cultures (music, cinema, etc.).
  • Create lasting friendships and memories in their second language.


LMF consists of five weeks of language learning:

  • July 4th to August 4th
  • four hours of classes a day, five days a week
  • 1.5 hours of language workshops two afternoons a week
  • sociocultural activities on afternoons, evenings and weekends

Admission and completion requirements

Admission requirements

Admission to the program is different for bursary students and non-bursary students (see the How to Apply section below).

Completion requirements

To receive a certificate of successful completion, all participants must have received a passing grade in their class and have adhered to our attendance policy regarding classes and workshops.

In addition, Explore participants must have attended at least the minimum number of sociocultural activities required.

Although this is a non-credit program, some institutions may elect to grant credit to their students who have completed LMF at UVic.

Career options

Some of our grads have pursued careers in the following roles:
  • Employee in a bilingual cultural organization
  • Cultural assistant in the Explore program at another institution
  • Language monitor for one school year in the Odyssey program
  • Bilingual employee in the tourism industry
  • FSL tutor or teacher


Estimated fees

Description Fee
Registration fee $275.00
Tuition (Canadian non-bursary students) $1,410.00
Optional accommodation (Canadian non-bursary students) $1,575.00
Estimated Total $3,260.00*
Fees listed in this section are only an estimate. Total program fees will vary depending on course selections, student fees, textbooks and taxes.

Application dates

Starting in
July 2018
Accepting Applications
Delivery Style
Face to face
Apply by
June 20, 2018
Apply online Contact us for more info

How to apply

For all students, there is a non-refundable $275 registration fee, payable at the time of registration. That amount is a deposit and is part of the total tuition fee.

Explore bursary participants

If you are eligible to attend the program under the Explore bursary you should first apply for that program. The deadline to apply for the program is February 15, 2018. If your name is drawn, you will receive detailed instructions on how to register with the institution (hopefully UVic!) you have been accepted in.

Teacher bursary participants

Please communicate with us at 250-721-8630 or to be put on the interest list. Once the number of bursaries is confirmed by the ministry, we will apply the bursaries to the first teachers on the list. Those beyond that number will be put on a waitlist and may receive a bursary at a later date.

All other participants

You may apply online or if you prefer to register by phone, please call 250-721-8630.