Become an online student

Are you ready to take an online course? Here are some things to know before you register:

For 12 week courses that are part of programs: 

You’ll need regular access to a computer and the internet

You’ll need a computer with a reliable internet connection, running Windows or Mac OS. You may also need other software and browser plugins installed on your computer. View recommended system requirments

You’ll be spending 8-12 hours per week on your course

Almost all our online courses need between 8 and 12 hours per week study time, and most Continuing Studies online courses are 12 to 13 weeks in length. While this may sound like a big commitment, you’ll find that with some self-discipline (and a flexible study schedule), taking an online course is manageable.

You’ll be using email and browsing the internet

Continuing Studies students check into their online courses several times a week to access course materials, work on assignments, take part in discussions and group projects or talk to instructors and classmates.

You’ll be listening to audio and watching videos online

In our online courses, you may find yourself listening to audio instructional segments and watching instructors explain concepts in online videos. You may also find yourself participating in live web conference sessions using your computer’s microphone and speakers.

You’ll be doing a lot of writing

Most of your discussions with your instructors and classmates will be in writing. To be successful in an online course, you have to be confident with your writing skills.

Your first online course

After registering for an online course, you’ll receive a letter or email from Continuing Studies with the web address of your course website. This email will also have:

  • instructions on where to buy your course instructional materials
  • a list of software and/or browser plugins you will need to access your online course 

Make sure to buy your course instructional materials well in advance of your course start date. 

For more on being an online student with Continuing Studies, visit the For Students pages on the Technology Integrated Learning website.